Late Gunvantiben Ratilal (Hirji) Shah

With deep regret we announce the passing of our beloved mother

Gunvantiben Ratilal (Hirji) Shah

01/01/1928 – 23/07/2020

Of Khara Beraja and Navagam India, Mbale Uganda, Kitale Kenya, Southgate London UK

Wife of Late Ratilal (Hirji) Devji Meghji Shah

She was daughter of Kanabhai Pethraj Shah and Daiben of Khara Beraja

She was daughter-in-law of Late Devji Meghji Shah and Late Santokben Shah

She was mother and mother-in-law to:

Rashila and Late Chandrakant Shah

Rajnikant and Niruben Shah

Sarla and Rasik Shah

Ashok and Neela Shah

Mukesh and Nita Shah

Late Hansaben Shah

She was grandmother and grandmother-in-law to:

Ketan, Vijay, Sailen & Harsha, Dipa & Mido, Kunal, Jinit & Nikita

She was great grandmother of Rhian

She was sister and sister-in-law to: Late Monghiben & Late Meghjibhai Shah, Late Raichandbhai & Late Jashodaben Shah, Late Maniben & Late Punjabhai Shah, Late Govindjibhai & Santaben Shah, Late Kuverben & Late Popatbhai Shah and Late Kasturben & Late Gulabbhai Shah

She was sister-in-law to: Late Chhotalal & Late Motiben Shah, Late Dhanjibhai & Late Pushpaben Shah, Late Jayantibhai & Laxmiben Shah, Late Shantibhai & Niruben Shah, Babubhai and Bhartiben Shah, Arun Shah, Late Savitaben & Amratbhai Shah, Ranjanben & Late Suryakant Chawda, Jaishreeben & Late Anilbhai Shah

Our mother was a woman like no other, she gave us life, nurtured us, taught us, dressed us, fought for us, held us, shouted at us, kissed us, but most importantly, she loved us unconditionally. There are not enough words we can say to describe just how important our mother was to us.

You will be missed but we know you will be watching over us.

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Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti