Late Kanchanben Motichand Pethraj Shah


Late Kanchanben Motichand Pethraj Shah
27 November 1937 – 13 January 2021
It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mrs Kanchanben Motichand Pethraj Karania (Shah) on
Wednesday 13th January 2021 in London, UK.
She was the wife of the Late Motichand Pethraj Karania (Shah) – Equatoria Associates.
She was the daughter of the Late Hirachand Panachand and Late Ladhiben Hirachand Panachand
She was the daughter-in-law of the Late Pethraj Jetha and Late Kankaben Pethraj Jetha.
She was sister-in-law to the Late Devchand Pethraj, Late Raichand Pethraj, Late Monghiben Devchand, Late
Shantaben (Jayaben) Premchand, Zaviben Nathalal, Late Amratben Premchand, Late Jamnaben Rajabhai,
Late Chunilal Pethraj and Late Bhanuben Shantilal.
She was sister of the Late Tarachand Hirachand, Chandrakant (Bhiku) Hirachand, Chandramaniben Velji,
Late Laxmiben Hansraj Popat, Late Kumudben Chandulal, Manjuben Arun and Kundan Kirti.
She was kaki to Naren Raichand, Dinesh Devchand, Ritish Devchand, Chirag Chunilal, Late Prafulla (Saroj)
Ramnik, Anju Chandrakant, Late Shilla Ramesh, Trusha Dipak, Namrata and Payal (Hansi) Sanjay
She was faiba to Rajiv (Raju) Tarachand, Chirag Bhiku and Kalpa Bijesh.
Due to Covid-19 Government regulations, only close family members will attend the cremation. There will
be no in-person Sadri or prayer gatherings.
For condolence messages, kindly use the following:
Raju’s contact no +447960527130
Alpa contact no +447956946022

The funeral service for Kanchanben Motichand Pethraj Shah (Karania) will be held on Sunday 24th January 2021 @11am (UK) at Hendon Crematorium.

You will be able to follow the funeral service, via live webcast, on the following link:

Username: Robu9185

Password: 633478

Jai Sat Chit Anand?
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