Late Mr. Khetshi Nathoobhai Shah




01/01/1922 – 03/05/2019)

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr. Khetshi Nathoobhai Shah (formerly of Thika and London and the founder and Trustee of Khetshi and Virmati Trust) on Friday, 3rd May, 2019 in Mumbai, India.

He was husband of Late Virmatiben Khetshi Shah.

He was son of Late Nathoobhai Deva Shah and Late Kunvarbai Nathoobhai Shah.

He was son-in-law of Late Vardhman Khimchand Shah and Late Jasmaben Vardhman Shah

He was father of Late Chandrakant (Chandu) (London), Bharti (Montreal), Vipool (Godley) (London), and Smita (Toronto).

He was father-in-law of Nirmala (Niru) Chandrakant, Kantilal Somchand,  Rekha Vipool and Kuntesh Ratilal Chandaria.

He was brother of Late Hemraj Nathoobhai Shah, Late Maniben Meghji Pethraj Shah,

Late Amratben Somchand Shah and Late Puriben Lalji Shah.

He was brother-in-law of Late Parvatiben Hemraj Shah, Late Kanji Khimji and Late Laxmiben, Khetshi Padamshi Vadaria and Vijyaben, Sobhagchand Raichand Gudka and Late Sushila, Motichand Hansraj Dodhia and Champa, Late Jayendra Velji Shah and Late Pramila.

He was uncle of Late Chiman and Molly, Late Sushila and Late Chimanlal, Jayu and Sybile, Mahen and Pratibha.

He was grandfather of Rajesh, Sonal, Reena, Meera, Maya, Amit, Rayna and Riya.

He was grandfather-in-law of Arti, Ajay, Chetan, Sagar, Yogesh and Farhana.

He was great grandfather of Sheil, Aanya, Kaeya, Amee, Ella, Yana, Leya, Suri, Niko and Laith.

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