Late Mr Mansukhlal Raishi Karmshi Shah (Khimashia)


8th March 1944 – 13th May 2020

(Age 76 years old)

It is with deep regret and profound sadness to have to inform you of the passing of Mr Mansukhlal Raishi Karmshi Shah (Khimashia), son of late Raishi Karmshi Shah – Late Jumnaben Raishi Shah.

Father to:

Shrutin Khimashia and Shetel Khimashia

Brother and Brother in-law to:

Late Dhirajlal (Babu) Shah / Laxmi (Lekha) Shah

Late Bhaichand (Batuk) Shah

Praful Shah

Himatlal (Bali) Shah (Switzerland)

Late Rambhaben Mulchand Kara / Late Mulchand (Pilot) Kara

Shantaben Chandulal Doshi / Late Chandulal Doshi


Jayaben Chaganlal Shah /Chaganlal Nathoo Devraj Shah

Shushiben Kamal Ahluwalia / Late Kamal Ahluwalia

Savitaben Raj Opal / Raj Opal (Canada)

Late Kanchanben (Benna) Shah

In these challenging times, we regret there cannot be general prayers. We request that you please recite three Navkar Mantras to make his journey peaceful and Happy.

Messages of condolences can be sent to Shrutin and Shetel at:

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti