Late Velji Hargan Parbat Haria


Mr. Velji Hargan Parbat Haria


It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr. Velji Hargan Parbat Haria (London) on Monday at 9:00 AM on 6th April 2020 in London, UK.

He was son of Late Hargan Parbat Haria and Late Viraben Hargan Haria.

He was son-in-law of Late Premchand Ladha Shahand Late Dahiben and Late Monghiben Premchand Shah.

He was husband of Sushilaben Velji Haria (London).

He was father of Dipak Velji Haria and Paresh Velji Haria (London).

He was father-in-law of Jaksha Dipak Haria and Hasmita Paresh Haria (London).

He was Nephew of Late Gosar Parbat Haria (Nairobi).

He was brother of Late Dahiben Velji Virji Dodhia (Kenya Canvas), Somchandbhai (Nairobi), Late Devchandbhai (Jamnagar), Late Jayantilalbhai (Jamnagar), RadiatbenFulchandChandaria (Jamnagar).

He was brother-in-law of Late Velji Virji Dodhia (Kenya Canvas), AmratbenSomchand Haria (Nairobi), JayabenDevchand Haria (Jamnagar), ManjubenJayantilal Haria (Jamnagar), FulchandKeshavjiChandaria (Jamnagar), Jayantibhai (London), Chunibhai (London), Shantibhai (London), Ramnik (Mombasa), Savitaben (Nairobi), Induben (Nairobi), Manjuben (Nairobi)

He was uncle of Mahendra-Bharti, Pradip-Kailash, Jitu-Seema, Pankaj-Parita, Vimal-Hasmita, Sanjay-Dimple, Nikhil-Poonam, Nishma-Pankaj, Sangeeta-Pravin and Jigna-Anil, Harsha-Atul, Dhiru-Ranjan, Bipin-Ranjan, Pradip-Neeta, Jyoti-Chandu , Daksha-Girish, Harsha-Atul, Dina-Jayesh, Neeta-Sanjay,  Raju-Deepa, Niraj-Rakhee, Rajvee-Chirag, Bhavani-Mike, Dipti-Umesh, Neetu-Nimesh, Reena, Rakhee, Vimal, Priya-Nabil and Jinal

He was grandfather of Kushal, Aashni and Misha.

Our father had a good innings as they say, but the last year or so had been tough, especially having to be separated from his wife after 60yrs of sharing the good times  with the bad, from a very humble and difficult beginning to a reasonably comfortable life in the UK. He dedicated his life to his family and their well being and for that we will be eternally grateful.

Of all the wonderful messages received, I’d like to share one that sums him up and lifted us immensely………

“Take comfort and solace in knowing your fathers personality and his soul are indeed with Lord Mahavir. Special souls go on special days.”

Especially knowing that when he was admitted to the hospital last Thursday suspected of C19, the Dr had given him 24/48 hrs and here we were, 5 days later on the most auspicious of days in the Jain calendar and even this morning they were amazed he had survived this long. The Lord moves in mysterious ways and we will take away this thought that our Dad was specially invited to join Lord Mahavir in his celebrations.

Sadly due to the current circumstances the world finds itself in, we will not be holding any prayer meetings at home and request you call on 02082026415 or 07920503944 to pay your respects

We will share the details of the funeral once they have been confirmed.

Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti