Late Mrs Kasturben Champshi Dharamshi Haria


Late Mrs Kasturben Champshi Dharamshi Haria


It is with deep regret to announce the death of Mrs Kasturben Champshi Haria (Gaam- Jogvad) who

sadly passed away on Thursday 25th February 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya

She was wife of Late Champhsi Dharamshi Haria

She was mother/mother-in-law of Late Satishchandra (Mahesh) & Sheela Satishchandra

Ila Chandrakant & Chandrakant (Chandu) Dedhia

She was daughter of Late Devchand Meghji Kamani and Late Valiben Devechand Meghji Kamani

She was daughter-in-Law of Late Dharamshi Haria and Late Jashmaben Dharamshi Haria

She was Sister/Sister-in-Law of Late Liladhar Devchand Kamani & Santaben Liladhar (UK)

Ottamchand Devchand Kamani & Shushilaben (Sarla) Ottamchand (UK)

Savitaben & Ranmal Maya Savla (UK)

Narabdaben & Late Premchand Lakhamshi (India)

She was Grandmother/ Grandmother-in-Law of Hiran,Paras & Beni,ainee & Ashish,Hemal & Rajvi

She was Great Grandmother of Aavir and Kyra

She was Aunt of Anil, Sheila, Late Mehul, Lalit, Late Sadhna, Hitesh, Bindu, Jyoti and Manjul (UK) and Mina, Vinod, Varsha, Paresh (India), Jigna (UK)

She was Sister-in-Law of Kanchanben & late Hansrajbhai

Late Kanchanben & Late Mansukhbhai

Radiyatben & Late Motichandbhai

Late Kasturuben & Late Veljibhai

                Late Kanchanben &  Somchandbhai

                          Late Vijyaben& Jivrajbhai

Due to these challenging times, we regret that there cannot be prayer meeting for all to attend, but request that you please recite the Navkar Mantras to make her journey peaceful and happy.

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure”

Aum  Shanti Shanti Shanti