Late Mrs Sharda Meghji Kachra Shah


Late Mrs Sharda Meghji Kachra Shah

17 April 1936 – 13th December 2020

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mrs Shardaben Meghji Shah on Sunday 13 December 2020.

She was:-  Wife of late Meghji Kachra Shah

    Daughter of Late Jasmaben and Late Devchand Ladha Shah

                  Daughter-in law of Lt. Raniben Kachra Shah and Lt. Paniben Bhimji Virpar Savla

                  Mother to Late Kiran, Anila, Palavi, Rajesh, and Shilpa

                  Mother-in-law to Heena Rajesh Shah and Nilesh Anila Shah

                  Grandmother to Sheena Nilesh Shah, Dilan Nilesh Shah, Rushil Rajesh Shah and

   Dhru Rajesh Shah

                  Sister to Late Premchand Devchand Shah, Late Virchand Devchand Shah, Late Paniben,

                  Late Kunkuben and Late Gangaben

                  Sister-in-law to Late Kusturben Premchand Devchand and Late Savitaben Virchand Shah

   Sister-in law to Lt. Liladhar Bhimji Virpar Savla, Lt. Dharmashi Savla,

   Lt. Nemchand Bhimji Savla, Lt.Motiben Karamsi Chheda,,

   Lt. Kasturben Jivraj Jakhariya  Lt. Maniben Nathu Sumaria,

   Lt. Kankaben Hirji Sumaria, Shantaben Premchand Khimasiya,

   Lt. Jamuben Kanji Gosrani    and  Amratben Hemraj Malde,

                 Auntie to Late Rekha Premchand, Late Mahendra Premchand, Dipak Premchand Shah,

                 Kitu Premchand Shah and Trusha Virchand Shah

There will be a private funeral service for close family, due to the current pandemic government Directives.

There will be prayer meeting on Zoom:

Tuesday 15 December 2020 at 7.00pm UK time

ID is 862 3768 6563 Passcode is 438328