Late Nemchand Kachara Depar Savla





 It is with deep regret that we announce the sad demise of Mr Nemchand Kachra Depar Savla on

1st January 2017,  (Gaam Padana, there after Thika and now Harrow)

He was husband of late Rambhaben Nemchand Savla.

He was son of Late Kachra Depar Savla and Late Padmaben Kachra Savla.

He was son-in-law of Late Samji Hirji and Late Paniben Samji.

He was father of Sajan, Naynaben, Prakash and Sanjay

He was father-in-law of Dilip Nathoo Shah, Jayshree Sajan, Dinbala Prakash, Usha Sanjay

He was grandfather of Preet and Nilli, Jinal and Kajal, Rupal and Amal, Hiral and Peter, Komal and Rishi, Pujan, Navik, Preshul and Aliesha. Great grandfather of Anshi, Aishi, Keya , Kia, Saaz, Sur,  Anya, Leela and Jasmine.

                                                      He was nephew of Late Motiben and Late Kalidas Depar Savla, and Late Maniben and Late Rupa Depar Savla.

He was brother of Late Lalji Kachra Savla, Late Premchand Kachra Savla, Late Velji Kachra Savla, Late Zaverchand Kachra Savla, Amritlal Kachra Savla, Mansukhlal Kachra Savla, Late Santaben Somchand shah, Veluben Jayantitlal Shah, Jayaben (sushila) Shantilal Shah, Purna Dhanji Shah, Kantaben Jayantilal Shah and Muktaben Nemchand Shah, Arun & Manju Kalidas Savla, Nitin & Bharti Kalidas Savla, Milan & Atula Kalidas Savla, Sunita Ratilal Shah, Hasu Mike Gudka.

He was Brother-in-law of Late Radiatben Lalji Savla, Late Santaben Premchand Savla, Vijyaben velji savla, Late Jaswantiben Zaverchand Savla, Kanchanben Amritlal Savla and Kapilaben Mansukhlal Savla.

He was brother-in-law of Late Jayantilal Samji Hirji, Rasiklal Samji, Late Amratlal Samji, Late Chimanlal Samji, and Dilip Samji.

Saturday 7th January 2017 Ceremony in North Chapel at 3.00 pm,Cremation in South Chapel at 4.00 pm,Time in South Chapel is 45 minutes.

Hendon crematorium ,Holders Hill Rd,London,NW7 1NB

Prayer meeting will be held on Monday 2nd January 2017, at L V Hall,Oshwal Centre,Coopers Lane Road ,

Potters Bar– 5:00pm – 7:00pm


  1.  The above content is supplied directly by the family, and Oshwal Association of OK takes no responsibility for it’s accuracy.