Late Premchand Jesang Jetha Shah(Gosrani)


Late Premchand Jesang Jetha Shah(Gosrani)

31.01.1922 –30/07/2020

It is with deep regret that I would like to inform you that my dear god-father, Premchandbhai Jesang Shah (Gosrani) (Gaam – Mota Amla) passed away in Nairobi at his residence on Thursday 30 July 2020 in the morning.

He was married to Vijyaben, my god-mother.

 He was the son of the late Jesang Jetha Shah (Gosrani) and the late Bhavalben Jesang Jetha Shah.

He was the son-in-law of the late Bhima Sura Jhakharia and the late Kamiben Bhima Sura Jhakharia (Kakabhai Sihan).

My god-mother, Vijyaben, is uncontrollable in her grief.  He was a principled man, did very well in the insurance industry as an agent of New India Assurance, giving good advice to many clients.  He kept himself active by doing yoga daily and both Vijyaben and he would go for long walks which was not very common amongst our community in the old days. He looked after himself very well, consumed lots of ayurvedic medicine and never once complained of any aches nor of any pains.

Both he and Vijyaben travelled widely to Europe, Japan and of course India where they would spend a lot of time with Vijyaben’s parents at their home in Kakabhai Sihan.  Lately they spent time at Oshwal Centre and at Kunvarbai Dharmashala in Jamnagar and also at our Vaadi in Mumbai.

I have very fond memories of the times I have spent with him, he was generous and kind to me and was always happy with my progress.  Both my wife Nesha, my daughter Aisha, son Rishi and I would like to thank all the well wishers who have either sent us e-mails, texts, called us or whatsapped us.

May Lord Mahavir grant him a safe passage in his journey to the next level, may he find peace wherever he is

Nimish Jayantilal Nagji Shah

e-mail:     mob: 07775933476