Late Maniben Shantilal Shah. 


It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing away of Mrs Maniben Shantilal Premchand Shah

Date of birth 22Feb 1936

Date of death 20May 2021

Born in Mombasa Kenya and lived in UK since 1974

Maniben was the daughter of late Jivraj Hansraj Shah and late Daiben Jivraj Shah

She was the daughter in law of late Premchand Meghji Shah and late Mooriben Premchand Shah

Beloved wife of Shantilal Premchand Shah

Beloved mum to Shila,Kirit and Raxa

Mother in law to Late Chandrakant Shah, Nila and Nilesh

Grandmother to Karishma ,Rahul ,Neerma and Vikesh

Great Grandmother to Jai and Rishi

Sister in Law to Nemchand Premchand Shah,Muktaben Nemchand Shah

Late Jayantilal Premchand Shah,Kusumben Jayantilal Shah,Subhash Premchand Shah and Hemlataben Subhash Shah

Sister to Late Manilal Jivraj Shah,Late Mansukhlal Jivraj Shah, Dhirajlal Jivraj Shah ,Praful Jivraj Shah,Manju Shobag Shah,Hansa Ishwarlal Shah and Pramoda Pankaj Shah

Sister in Law to Late Sumatiben Manilal Shah,Kantaben Mansukhlal Shah,Rekha Dhirajlal Shah,Heena Praful Shah,Shobag Shah,Ishwarlal Shah and Pankaj Shah

Maniben was very much loved by one and all.

A pillar of strength to all her family,friends and anyone who entered her life.

Very caring and served everyone selflessly without expecting anything in return.

She will be missed by one and all.

Will always have a very special place in all our hearts.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

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Service Date29-May-21 at 2:00
Service ChapelSouth – Hendon
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