London Oshwal Youth – Enterprise Evening


The London Oshwal Youth team is an idea inspired from this year’s Enterprise Programme, whereby UK university students went to Kenya to see a host of different businesses and industries. Thereafter there were suggestions of hosting regular events for the youth by the youth in Central London locations. With this in mind and with the 2012 Enterprise Programme students leading the way, the London Oshwal Youth team was pleased to host the first such event on Thursday 22 November 2012, at Grand Connaught Room, Great Queen’s Street, WC2B 5DA.

Welcome and Introductions

Rexbhai (OAUK President) opened up with the evening with a short welcome speech. Rexbhai said: “The beginning of Tomorrow. This is the first time that such a large number of our up and coming young Oshwals voluntarily came together to attend an OAUK event. Something has been set in motion which has the power to bring a new generation of Oshwals together. A first for the community and a great start to what can and clearly will be a regular event in London. As The President of OAUK, I am delighted to have been at the launch and fully endorse this initiative.”

Enterprise Programme

In the summer of 2012 the Oshwal Association of the UK in partnership with Oshwal Education & Relief Board, Kenya, gave 10 University students the opportunity to visit Kenya and see different businesses and industries. The Economic Council of Oshwals (a sub-committee of OERB) hosted the students in Kenya for a period from 7 July to 15 July 2012. The Council organised visits to various industries in Nairobi, Kenya, so that the students can see with their eyes what entrepreneurship is all about and visit many industries, e.g. Plastics, Sweets, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Accommodation was provided by OERB at the Visa Oshwal Boarding with 3 meals a day. The students only had to bear the cost of travelling to Nairobi, visa fees, incidentals, medical insurance, etc. The Oshwal Association of the UK, part sponsored the cost of the return flights to Nairobi.

The Students

The 2012 Enterprise Programme students were: Aarti Rumeet Shah, Dhruman Piyush Shah, Parin Bhupes Shah, Pratik Dhiren Shah, Priya Rajesh Shah, Rahul Jatish Malde, Rahul Pradeep Amin, Raj Nalinkumar Shah, Rajan Manoj Shah, Vidyesh Ashok Shah.

The Student’s Presentation

The students shared their experiences about their trip and the benefits gained from the trip. Rexbhai (OAUK President) commended the presentation done by the Enterprise Programme students: “Inspirational – the enthusiasm and passion shown by the Enterprise Team in sharing their experience with the audience was very evident. Together they delivered an entertaining and factual overview of the trip. This certainly will inspire future Oshwals to participate in Enterprise programmes, the foundations of which have now been firmly laid.”

Anajli Gudhka (OAUK Youth Rep) called the Enterprise Programme “A wonderful initiative allowing young Oshwal individuals to visit various Oshwal enterprises and learning from them.”

Ashish Patani (Enterprise Programme co-ordinator): “Working to organise this year’s Enterprise Programme was truly a unique opportunity, by working with OAUK and OERB (Kenya). It has opened the door for further collaboration between our two strong Oshwal communities. It has been inspirational to meet such gifted Oshwal students and I believe through this programme the students have gained invaluable experience. For 2013, we are planning a more ambitious Programme, so watch this space for more details.”

Oshwal Business & Professional Network (OBPN)

A brief highlight of the OBPN was provided, an initiative seeking to create and maintain a support structure for all Oshwal members, specifically in areas of mentoring, career guidance, recruitment, business helpline, work experience, internships, personal development, post work-life activities, etc. This will develop, harness and increase the overall wealth and intellectual capital of our community in the UK and globally. For more details of OBPN, click here.

Sewa & Environment

A brief presentation was outlined to encourage more involvement in Sewa and Environment work. The primary vision is to provide a forum and encourage partnership for the relief of poverty, advancement of education, protection of health to those less fortunate than us, and care for the environment by inspiring a passion for greater sewa work to be undertaken by the Oshwal community. To see the presentation slides, click here.

Mini Dragon’s Den

After the presentations, all participants were split into 8 teams and took part in a mini Dragons Den business game, with a view of making a winning pitch for some wacky products to the Enterprise Programme students, who were the Dragons for the evening. The resulting sales pitches were truly inspirational and hilarious. The eventual winners were Team 1 who successfully sold the idea of Umbrellas for Shoes to the Dragons. Other products included: glow in the dark jeans, comic toilet roll, biscuit holder for tea cups, potato, rubber duck, water gun, snore prevention equipment.