Message from your Chair – Luton

Jai Jinendra,

At the turn of the year many people take this as an opportunity to re-focus on their individual priorities by making resolutions. Choices will be made depending on individual circumstances, priorities and age. Younger persons may be looking to find ways to set out their career goals, learning and to enhance their circle of friends.

Those with established careers and families may be seeking new challenges and promising to make more time for their families and friends. Many of us who are towards the end of their working lives may be seeking new activities, interests, volunteering and more time devoted towards our religion.

It is important to have a purpose in life so that we can set out our individual plans around this. Our mind and body require regular activity to maintain good health and equally important, a good state of mind. Many also enjoy being with other people at social gatherings and activities.

Members of our Association are very fortunate to have access to a choice of many such activities and events, at local areas, Oshwal Centre, around the UK and overseas! Please look up our Oshwal Web Site for up- coming and regular events and you will be certain to find something that will interest you. You are especially encouraged to take part in activities hosted by other local areas, meeting new people and making new friends. Such host of activities can only be provided through hard work and dedication of our volunteers, those who serve on Area Committees, Executive Committees as well as our army of dedicated individuals who are always readily available to make our events a success. Our volunteers are the back bone of our Association. They selflessly devote their precious time so that our members can enjoy religious programmes, social gatherings, great food, social and business networking, health and career guidance, activities catered for special needs, walks and treks, yoga, etc. This list continues to grow, so please do not miss out and look up our web site at now!

A special thanks to all our volunteers who make all this possible. Giving your precious time volunteering is one of the greatest personal gifts to society. Try it, offer to help in any way you can, make it unconditional, and I can assure you will enjoy this.

Congratulations to our Luton representatives who successfully took part in our Oshwal Annual Sports Day and Keval for coordinating the Luton Area.

AGM- Our next Annual General Meeting is to be held on Sunday 19th March 2017, 4.30pm at Warden Hill Community Centre, Wycombe Way, Luton. Formal notices have been forwarded. Please make a point of noting this in your calendar to attend.  It is your organisation, so take part. Your collective views will make a difference.