Motivation and Activities during lockdown


I would like to share my experiences how me and my family have adapted ourselves with these unprecedented challenging times with COVID 19.

The girls have now been home for 3 months and in that time they have adapted amazingly. Every day we home-school but apart from that they have learnt a lot of life skills such as making lunches, cooking and baking (I bake a lot of plant based refined sugar free treats which they have learnt), cross stitch, knitting, online art classes and daily mindfulness and meditation.

We also practice gratitude daily so we can appreciate the things we have done or have each day and do this as a family over mealtimes. During our precious moments out we have woken up early and taken a breakfast and watched the sunrise at 4.45am, we’ve gone to see the sunset, we’ve had a midnight feast and watch the stars and even saw shooting stars.

We have ensured that our time at home has been fun, exciting, full of learning and adventures and a time to appreciate family even more.

In the earlier stages we were writing letters to grandparents, sending our baked treats via post and even had a zoom birthday party. They have been connecting to their school and friends via zoom and learning has been interesting.

This is the mindful video by Isla which she actually won a competition for in a Northampton magazine, click here.

I have been creating many complimentary mindfulness and wellbeing videos which also feature my own children at times, so that families everywhere can stay positive and emotionally well during this time. Schools have also specifically taken these videos and added it to their websites for children and parents to access. My daughter’s 6 and 8 years of age have even created their own wellbeing tips so other kids of similar ages can resonate and benefit.

As a family we practice wellbeing and gratitude every single day, we are also mindful of how much suffering and hard work is going on around us. We value and are so grateful for our family right now and wanted to do something that we would remember but also as a tribute to everyone impacted by Covid 19 including NHS, volunteers, workers and lost souls. We created this dance video (My husband and I have never danced before). We hope it puts a little smile on people’s faces. This is the family dance video we did.


We also have been donating £1 individually every single day for the whole of April. As you know I have done some complimentary coaching for the Hope Centre, and donated food items previously so wanted to continue to support them. At the end of April with our daily collections we as a family will be donating £120.00.

More pictures, click here.

Article by Sheena Tanna-Shah