Mr. Somchand Jetha Malde

Mr Somchand Jetha Malde

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam And for a brief moment it’s glory

And beauty belong to our world But then it flies again And though we wish it could have stayed….

We feel lucky to have seen it.

In Loving Memory of Late Mr Somchand Jetha Malde

Date of Birth: Chaitra Poonam 1932 Mungni , Gujarat India

Date of Death: Friday 10th April 2020 (Good Friday) London UK

Son Of:

Late Jetha Meghan Malde and Late Vejiben Jetha Malde of Mungni

Husband To:

Kanchan Somchand Malde

Son-In-Law To:

Late Bhoja (bhagwanji) Jesang Shah (Gada) and Late Gomiben Bhoja (Bhagwanji) Shah of Timbdi.

Brother To:

Late Paniben Meghji Gudka, Late Pachiben Jivraj Dodhia, Maniben Devchand Sumaria, Late Motiben Shah and Late Amratlal Jetha Malde (son: Bhavin Amratlal Malde).

Brother-In-Law To:

Late Meghji Kachra Gudka, Late Jivraj Jetha Dodhia, Late Devchand Narsi Sumaria and Devkurben Amratlal Malde.

Father To:

Mala Hitesh Shah, Harsha Ashok Saha and Neer Somchand Malde.

Father-In-Law To:

Hitesh Lalji Shah, Ashok Saha and Abeer Neer Malde

Nana To:

Hema Jinay Shah, Poonam Riten Chauhan, Ravi Hitesh Shah, Akash Kumar Saha and Ayesha Kajal Saha

Nana-in-Law To:

Jinay Mansukhlal Shah, Riten Jagdish Chauhan, Bhavna Ravi Shah and Natalja Akash Saha

Nana Bapa To:

Sonam Uvni Chauhan and Jaimi Jinay Shah

Due To Limited Numbers at Funeral: On Tuesday 28Th April 2020 at 2:00pm UK Time

Please feel free to join virtually; Website: Username: hendon9448 Password: 025527

Please join in advance to check the connection. May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.