Designed by the Oshwal Media Programme Students, Vivek, Anneka, Ayana and Anish

The history of the Halari Visa Oshwal Community commences from very humble beginnings and dates back to 457 B.C. when the state of Ossiya was founded (roughly situated in central Rajasthan in India). Due to adverse natural conditions and search for better living conditions, Oshwals came to settle in 52 villages around Jamnagar and became known as the Halari Visa Oshwals.

From there, Oshwal migration became international, with initial migrations to East Africa, Kenya in particular. Oshwals then ventured to UK, Australia and USA. From UK, Oshwals have spread throughout the world. We all probably know someone who maybe living and working in North America, South Asia, Middle East and Far East.

Today, Oshwals are a global community with friends and family spread across many countries and continents.

As Oshwals spread across all corners of the world, through technology and advances in communications, the world is indeed a smaller place. With news and information travelling throughout the world rapidly. The recent coronavirus pandemic has brought families and friends spread across the world, together online in ways not seen before.

Today, young Oshwals are truly global citizens, with many who many have being born in UK, but now living and working abroad. Young Oshwals face a multitude of challenges. Maintaining one’s identity, culture and heritage is important. In a world where ensuring justice and morality are ever increasing important. Spirituality and wellbeing are important drivers for main young Oshwals.

Young Oshwals are often very passionate about global causes like climate change, health, mental wellbeing and veganism. Therefore, in developing a new logo for the Oshwal Association of the UK community, we wanted to represent these wide-ranging issues.

The emphasis was on a forward-looking community where the next generation will have to deal with political and cultural changes which impact their lives, climate change and sustainable living. While, importantly stressing upon an Optimistic and Spiritual future, which respects our Heritage and Welfare while Accepting and Loving all souls, guided by the principals of Jainism of Ahimsa (non-violence), Aparihagraha (non-materialism) and Anekantavada (respecting multi-perspective views).

We are excited to present the new Oshwal logo.

The earthy colours used in the logo of blue, orange, green represent the natural world; with the subtle global map representing the global outlook for our community; and the leaf design surrounding our traditional unity logo represent a sustainable and environmentally friendly outlook for all souls.

Here is the video on the Oshwal Media Students presenting the new logo to the Executive Committee on 13 August 2020 during the EC meeting.

A very big thank you to Vivek, Anneka, Ayana and Anish for all their hard work during the Oshwal Media Programme which ran from 13 July to 31 August 2020.