OneJAIN 2017 Election Manifesto

Source: IOJ

OAUK is circulate the following message on behalf of OneJAIN.

Jain Manifesto

We are pleased to be host a special event at Oshwal Ekta Centre on Wednesday 10th May 2017 from 7.30pm to launch the Jain Manifesto. There will be special guest coming to the event from all main political parties. For more details on the event and to register, click here.

OneJAIN is the 30 UK Jain communities, collectively represented by the Institute of Jainology (IOJ) in government and inter-faith matters.

OneJAIN is not a political organisation, and has no political affiliations with any party.
In 2016, the IOJ became the secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Jainism (Jain APPG) and has developed a number of policies which are now the basis for this manifesto.

IOJ will inform the Jain community, where any candidate who was a Member of the previous Parliament has signed up to this manifesto.

OneJAIN Manifesto

1. Jains should take a more active part in civic society – Jains play active part in business and charity. However, their views are not always heard in civic society. OneJAIN and will actively promote Jains taking an active part in all areas of civic society.

2. Jains should be represented in parliament – Jains are an integral part of the multi faith society that is modern Britain. OneJAIN will actively promote Jains becoming MPs and Peers.

3. Jainism should be a choice in the next national census – In the last national census, over 20,000 Jains ticked the ‘Other’ box, and added Jain. This is about 50% of the Jain population. OneJAIN will actively campaign for Jainism to be added to the census.

4. Jains should be represented at national events, such a Remembrance Sunday – Jains play an important part in the business, professional and charity worlds. They are an integral part of modern Britain, and should be represented at national events. OneJAIN will actively campaign for Jains to be represented at all national events.

5. The proposed Caste Legislation need clear assessment for its impact to Jains – The proposed Caste Legislation will impact those of Indian origin, possibly placing considerable burden for Jain entrepreneurs and employers, as well as Jains in employment. OneJAIN will actively campaign for the legislation’s impact to be clearly assessed before the bill progresses into legislation.

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