Oshwal Financial Education – Pensions vs Property Investment

Financial Education

Time : 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Vinay and Paresh Shah are practising financial advisers. They have worked as financial advisers for over 25 years. They are passionate about helping people understand personal finance. With these webinars, they want to educate the public, so they are able to make sound financial decisions for their future

In the first session, we will be covering the difference between pension and property investment.

01/04/2021 Pension vs Properties – pros and cons
15/04/2021 Financial education/awareness for the younger generation
29/04/2021 What is an ISA?
20/05/2021 Mortgages- What is a mortgage and various types of mortgages
3/06/2021 The need for protection – What is life cover, different types of cover available.
17/06/2021 Making the most of your personal allowances
01/07/2021 Pension options at retirement
15/07/2021 Inheritance Tax Planning, Wills and LPA


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