Oshwal Gujarati Schools

OAUK Gujarati Schools

Our schools have been running for over 47 years and currently, we have four schools running: North area Gujarati School at Woodhouse College, Finchley

North West Gujarati School at Avanti School, Stanmore but     will now run the classes At Ekta Centre, Kinsbury

South Gujarati  School at Harris Academy, South Croydon

West Gujarati School at Shakti Centre, Hounslow.

We are most privileged that our schools have survived the pandemic crisis and managed to run the classes online. A tremendous effort was put in by the committee in supporting the running of online classes on Zoom, the teachers and their dedication towards teaching our students, learning new techniques and how to use the existing resources in a new format. The parents played a very important role in making this exercise feasible. They had to invest into computers, I pad, to enable children to join in the classes every Saturday from home, emailing their homework to and fro. All this could not have been possible without the “Triveni Sangam”, the three groups involved. We must not forget the students because without their enthusiasm and the desire to learn Gujarati, running the schools would not have been possible.

OAUK Gujarati Schools GCSE Examination 2021 RESULTS

In addition to this, we are very proud of all the students who took the GCSE examination this year and achieved excellent results.

North Gujarati School

2 received Grade 9, 2 received grade 8 and 1 received grade 7

North West Gujarati School

3received grade 9, 1 received grade 7, 1 received grade 6 and 1 received grade 5

South Gujarati School

1 received grade 9, 1 received grade 8 and 1 received grade 7

9 is like A**, distinction, 8 is A*, 7 is A (merit), 6 is B and 5 Pass.

The 14 students all achieved commendable results, considering the extreme difficulties of delivering all the coursework on zoom and the assessments to be done online, collating all the information which, then had to be sent  To Pearson as to how the grades were given. This was a mega task for all GCSE teachers and the admins of our schools as we do not have an examination centre and are classified as private students, taking an exam via mainstream school examination centres who were not ready to facilitate us until the pandemic ruling for schools was uplifted. I would like to show one picture of the conditions in which the students have been learning for the exam at Ekta Centre in the last term, wearing masks and social distancing.

We all seem to be under the spell of people commenting Gujarati is dying and not many students want to learn Gujarati. This is a myth and proved with the results achieved. Everything can be achieved with dedication, hard work and perseverance. Gujarati is being taught as, not a mainstream school subject and only one morning a week. In order to achieve this result and keeping our schools and our mother language, Gujarati alive, I would like to pay my respects to all the parents, students and teachers at our schools.

Cultural Aspect of Gujarati Schools

Our schools have always introduced activities, speaking, role plays at festival time. In the past year a lot of activities have been done via Zoom, Diwali pujas, singing bhajans, taking part in the swapnas, reciting meanings of swapnas, and this July, end of term activities like a party in the hall by North area school, picnic by West,  and end of term program by South area school incorporating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events into their program, instilling such good values in the children and emotionally I was overjoyed with tears, listening to the children talking about their parents in their humble, sweet language, paying respect to all seniors. This passion can only be evolved from our schools and the awareness of our culture which they learn in our schools.

Adult Gujarati Classes

We, currently run two adult classes online. One is run by Woodhouse College on Monday evening. This class started in May 2020 during the pandemic online on Saturday mornings but will now run on Monday evening from September 2021.

We had one class that ran for two terms. Since the summer terms, a new class has been started centrally, which will carry on running on Tuesday evenings, for the school new year September 2021.

For anyone who wishes to enrol and would like more information,

Please contact Rekha Shah on 07530673846

Enrolment of new students for the 4 schools

Please look for details on our website and can print the application forms from the website. Also, please get in touch with the Area Education Portfolio Holders or me.

Kuntesh Shah, North Gujarati School

Neeraben Shah, North West Gujarati School

Nipun Shah, South Gujarati School

Maheshbhai Shah, West Gujarati School

Thank you all for taking the time to read our first e shot. I hope this will inspire all to send more children to learn Gujarati and also for prospective teachers to come forward. We are always looking for help, volunteers to aid us in the safe running of our schools and we acknowledge your contribution to our schools.

Pranam and Micchami Dukkadam from all of us.

Rekha Shah Education trustee OAUK

Tushar Shah Education trustee OAUK

Photos of school