Oshwal London Marathon Runners

Sports and fitness is becoming more popular amongst the Oshwal Community and we are embracing some events which few years ago would have never thought of partaking.

Marathon running (26.2 miles / 42.2 km) is a classic example. The first recorded Oshwals to run the London Marathon were in 1994 (Mrs Chandra Pravin Malde, Mr Vipool Khetshi Shah, Mr Paresh Dodhia and Mr Piyush Zaverchand Gudka). Since than many more have participated in London and other marathons.

Every year there are new participants in the London Marathon, some of whom know each other because they have trained together or through friendship/relationship. Others are “anonymous”, but below is a summary of the number of Oshwal London Marathon runners from 2003 to 2017.


Oshwal Runners in London Marathon
2003 to 2017
Group / IndividualsNumberPercentage
Piyush Gudka (Stanmore-Active Group)7030.17%
Piyush Gudka (Email / Tel Training)156.47%
Others (Individuals)14763.36%


This year (2018) we have Oshwals from UK, Kenya and India running the London Marathon. We have never met as the Oshwal marathon runners before any London Marathon and it would be nice to meet a day or two before the race, if possible, and get to know each other. The occasion can also be used to welcome our fellow Oshwals from Kenya and India. Ideally (1) Friday (20 April 2018) evening or (2) Saturday (21 April 2018) would be best for a meeting. Saturday afternoon should be for rest and getting ready for the big day.


Our veteran marathon runner, Piyush Gudka who will be running his 87thworldwide marathon with you, is willing to coordinate this get together and would like to hear from anyone interested. Can all Oshwal runners please inform Piyush (Email: pgudka@hotmail.com) whether they are interested in meeting and which of the two suggested days is preferred. Please put London Marathon 2018 in the subject line.

Sudhir Shah      –           Mobile: 07785 710 914

Email: sudhir.shah@oshwal.org