Oshwal South Gujarati School


In today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, learning a language is a skill that gives us the opportunity to engage with society in a meaningful way. Better still, the chance to learn our native language, Gujarati, plays a crucial role in establishing our identity. At Gujarati School, the students experience fun and interactive lessons online and in person. Outside the academic realm, the school encourages spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development. To name a few examples, the students enjoy cooking classes, the celebration of auspicious festivals, and learn classical Indian music. The enthusiasm, dedication, and support from our teachers, students and parents is frequently showcased through a range of events that are held throughout the year. For example, through fairs, shows, and the classic Garba festival. Overall, Gujarati School allows students to embrace their culture, form life-long friendships, and excel as self-confident, responsible, and articulate individuals. We warmly invite you to gain an insight into Oshwal South Area Gujarati and Cultural School.