Oshwal’s Go Bowling

Leicester Oshwal’s Go Bowling – Saturday 20th May

Another successful outing for our young and not so young members. 30 people aged from 4 years up to – well, let’s just say free bus pass age joined in. We arranged randomly made up teams of 6 over 5 lanes.

I think we all surprised ourselves at first how bad we were and then, after a bit of a warm up, just how good we got and a little competitive too!

First just a few pins knocked down, then a few more, then a Spare and finally a Strike! Now that’s progress except then we got a bit over confident and back to just a few and the occasional drain zero!

However, we did it – we did do it and cheered and laughed all the way. As always, there were a lot of experts on hand to shout advice and to cheer or commiserate with the bowler.
A great turnout – lots of people bowling and a handful of helpful spectators. With a cheeky few minutes of amusement arcade time for the younger members and then off for some pizza, we all had an amazing evening.