Oshwal Palitana Yatra 2018

As part of the oshwal 50th Anniversary in 2018, we are arranging a yatra to Palitana in Feb 2018. If you are interested in coming please complete the form below.

Yatra Details

Tue 13th Feb 2018 – Oshwal Centre, Jamnagar, India to Palitana – We will be travelling by coach from Oshwal Centre in Jamnagar to Palitana, leaving very early in the morning.

Wed 14th Feb 2018 – Palitana Yatra – We will be climbing Palitana, starting early in the morning. Upon coming down again, there will be lunch and we will make our way back to Oshwal Centre, Jamnagar, India.

Disclaimer – You MUST arrange your own travel and accommodation, visa and travel vaccinations for India.

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