Paryushan 2019

This year Paryushan starts from Monday 26th August 2019 to Monday 2nd September 2019.

We have a huge range of paryushan festivities taking place in all the Areas.

Download the timetables below.

Area English Gujarat
East EA Paryushan Eng EA Paryushan Guj
Leicester LE Paryushan Eng LE Paryushan Guj
Luton LU Paryushan Eng LU Paryushan Guj
Northampton NH Paryushan Eng

NH Workshop Details Eng

NH Paryushan Guj

NH Workshop Details Guj

North NR Paryushan Eng NR Paryushan Guj
North East NE Paryushan Eng NE Paryushan Guj
North West NW Paryushan Eng NW Paryushan Guj
South SU Paryushan Eng

SU Extra Notes Eng

SU Swamivatsalya Bhojan Eng

SU Paryushan Guj

SU Extra Notes Guj

SU Swamivatsalya Bhojan Guj

West WE Paryushan Eng

WE Extra Notes Eng

WE Paryushan Guj