Paryushan4Kids 2022

August 27th – 29th
9:00 – 10.00am

Title: Let’s build the house that Bhagwan Mahavir built
Dates: 3 consecutive days of Children’s Classes on 27th, 28th and 29th August
Timing: 9.00 am – 10.00 am

The classes are online via Zoom and run by Veerayatan UK – Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth Jain School (SCVP) in collaboration with OAUK

SCVP was started in London in 1996 by Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji and her disciple, Pujya Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji. The school is the longest established Jain school for children and adults in the UK. SCVP runs every Friday evening during term time and the teaching is based on the three pillars which underlie the work undertaken by Veerayatan – Sadhana (spiritual development), Shiksha (education) and Seva (humanitarian service).

The aim of SCVP is to:

  • Teach Jain religion to children and adults
  • Impart good values relevant to today’s society to children and adults
  • To train students graduating from the school to themselves give back to society by becoming youth teachers at the school
  • To promote through experiential learning the value of ‘Compassion in Action’ as part of daily life
  • To become the leaders of tomorrow and promote Jain values

For more information: email –  and visit SCVP:

Paryushan4kids Classes

This year the theme of the Paryushan4kids classes is ‘Let’s build the house that Mahavir Bhagwan built’.

We will:

  • Go through and discuss Bhagwan Mahavir’s life story and what we can learn from Bhagwan’s inspirational life
  • Learn about and explore the values Bhagwan Mahavir has taught us
  • Learn relevant prayers

All the teaching will be in English, fun and interactive. Teaching tools will include arts, meditation, storytelling, songs and much more…

Paryushan4kids - 2022 - Registration Form

Paryushan4kids - 2022 - Registration Form

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Open to all children aged 5-10
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