Ramat Gamat and Medavdo Divas

Article by Maiuri Chandaria

On Friday 3rd march we held our first Ramat Gamat and Medavdo Divas of 2017.
With 60 people already registered to attend we knew we had a busy day ahead. In total, we had 63 people attend.
Behind the scene activity started at 9.00am with cooking the lunch and setting up of the hall.
By 10.50am we were gathered in the main hall for a fun filled day of activity.
To get our body and mind energised we started off with yoga and mediation session. This was followed by 20 minutes of laughter yoga.
Now that the body and mind was active we split ourselves into two group for a “its good to talk…” session on Mothers.
Every member spoke fondly of their mother. There was some sadness as many had lost their mum but the joy soon returned with sharing their wonderful memories.

Just before lunch was served we sang “Happy Birthday “to all those who celebrated birthdays in January, February and March.
A wonderful lunch we had was puri, shak and Keri nu raas. This was followed by ice cream.

At 2pm we started our craft activity session. To honour mothers, we had an hour-long session of making various flowers made from paper.

Finally at 3pm we relaxed with a cup of masala chai and biscuits and of course lots of medavdo with all our friends.
The day ended at 4pm and all that was left to do was clear up.

The South Area Ramat Gamat and Medavodo Divas is now in its 4th year and each month a different discussion and craft activity is held.
In the past we have also had day trips to the park where we have done garba on the grass and walking on the beach. We have also had lots of fun making papad and gughras.

On behalf of the club, I would like to thank all the volunteers who made this event possible and all the participants who attended and made us smile and all those who gave donations of food items and money.

Please join us for our next Ramat Gamat day on 5th May