Reactiv8 fun bowling

Once again, another STRIKE for Reactive8 North West Youth Club, at Hollywood Bowl on Sunday 19th March 2017. There was an impressive turn out from parents and members; in total 62 participants 10 bowling lanes occupied. The atmosphere was amazing throughout, with lots of cheering and laughter from not only our young members, but also their parents! With drinks free flowing to stay hydrated, everyone became more competitive going for a full strike each time.

“On the 19th of March a group of Reactive8 North West Oshwal kids, Volunteers and Parents went to Hollywood Bowl. It was really fun and there were many teams with different people in them. Everyone got really competitive. You got to interact with people you hadn’t really had a chance to talk to. I really enjoyed it because it was a really good idea to take all of us for a treat. Thank you to all the volunteers for organising this.” – By Shenali Rohit Shah

“Bowling was amazing because we got to compete with all Reactive8 Members. We all got divided into our own ages (Children, Volunteers, Parents) and every lane had 6 people in it. We were astonished because the 4-7 aged Children received higher scores than everybody else as they used the bowling ramp. Overall bowling was the best activity ever!!!” –
By Anjali Rohit Shah & Anya Tanil Shah