ReActive8 Volunteers

‘One for all and all for our YOUTH’

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defences or the problems of modern society” -Vince Lombardi, American Football Coach.

As a community, we’ve been working together for decades through a variety of organised events and activities. At ReActive8, working collectively as volunteers, we are delighted to be able to provide support, guidance and opportunities for our youth through sport.

Alongside gaining an improvement in physical strength and sporting skills, our youth gain all the hidden benefits too – increase in self-confidence, become more resilient, learn to communicate particularly through team games, build friendships etc, and some expand into leadership skills as well.

Hence, our slogan-
‘One for all and all for our youth’.

In order to sustain and maintain our work, we are always looking for new ways to help us grow and continue to build a promising future for our youth.

If you are an adult interested in making a difference then, please join our team of volunteers with your passion for sport via contacting the ReActive8 team. Likewise, on par, if you’re a youth who wishes to add one more to your ‘five a day’ through sport then, simply come along to our sessions to see what we have on offer. For those youth over 14, you have an added bonus of not just playing sports, but volunteering too.

For enquiries, please contact us via email on:

A message from 3 of our Under 7s Youth Volunteers:
I’ve been volunteering at youth club for what seems like forever (in a good way) but, really just over three years. It’s been a valuable experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially those wanting to improve areas that they’re weak in e.g. public speaking or leadership skills etc.

Initially, I joined because I was doing Duke of Edinburgh, but stayed on long after it had finished because it was too hard to say no to the people here as they are great and it’s really rewarding to see the kids improve over the terms. To anyone who’s thinking about volunteering, don’t be shy, just talk to one of the volunteers and they’ll gladly help you out.

Lastly, a massive thank you to all the volunteers and those who have helped me to get to this point, without your time and dedication, youth club wouldn’t be what it is, so thank you all.
By Sarang Shah

I chose to volunteer in my spare time as I love working with children: they are so enthusiastic and fun to teach. Throughout the volunteering, I learnt a lot, from simple skills like – how to capture their attention to planning and managing a session. All this has really built my confidence whilst I was coaching the children.

I would truly recommend volunteering. Even though it may be hard work at times, it is a whole load of fun – within that one hour with them, they put a smile on your face. You’ll learn a lot whilst volunteering, guaranteed to help you in your future…

I would like to thank all the adult volunteers: you helped me learn a lot. I have enjoyed my time with the under 7s and I will definitely miss them.
By Ashni Shah

I started to volunteer for the purpose of DofE but, I continued with it as I enjoyed it. I learnt a lot and met many interesting people through it.

Whilst volunteering I accomplished many essential skills like leadership and communication through leading the activities or just simply keeping the children occupied.

If you’re looking to volunteer then I’d just go in head first and try, grab the opportunities that come your way. The adult volunteers will help as much as they can and the children respond better to people who are hands on and give them the time of day.

I’d like to thank – all the adult volunteers for helping me and giving me many opportunities to get stuck in; all the children who are always up for a laugh and making volunteering an enjoyable and pleasant experience.
By Sarina Shah