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Series of Talks

Vipin M P Shah

Anant M P Shah

Reflecting Our Father: Business and Philanthropy

Our third guest speakers on 28th November at Oshwal centre were Vipin and Anant Shah, Sons of late Meghji Pethraj Shah.

Vipin and Anant reflected on their father’s Business to Philanthropy. They shared their father’s journey from Kenya, to India and finally settling in London.

Vote of Thanks

We would like to thank Madhusudan Bhai for his work and putting forward a wonderful idea to showcase Oshwal: ACADEMICIANS, EDUCATORS, INSPIRERS and ACHIEVERS.

We thank Vipool bhai for introducing both Vipin bhai and Anant bhai.

We thank all the volunteers who made it possible for the efficient running of the seminar, including Shanti-bhai and his amazing “Chai”. Most of all a big Thank You to the audience, for attending and listening to an inspirational and informative talk, but also enhancing the Q&A with relevant questions.

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