Religion – Workshop 1 @ Northants

Workshop – 19th August 2017
Conducted by Mataji Shubhamji

We were blessed to have mataji shubhamji that day. Shubhamji explained the Bhaktamar strotrum.  Bhaktamar strotrum has 44 shlokas written in sanskrit written by Maantung.

She explained in the simplistic way. There was a question and answer session and the message she gave out was try and do good and focus in this life.  26 of these were recited and explained in the morning session with the remainder after lunch.

In a nutshell the bhaktamar stotrum is about the praises of Rushabhdew and how glorified he is. He is the supreme being, that brings the immense sense of calm, peace and happiness. He is brighter than the sun and is purest of the pure.He is above Brahmaan, Vishnu and Shiva. It also goes on to say there is no mother like mata marudewi that has a son like Rushabhdew.

At 1pm we all had a break for lunch and had mung, puri , adadidya, papadams, pickles , rice

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Jyoti Ajay Shah