Religion – Workshop 2 @ Northants

Workshop 2 – 20th August 2017
Conducted by Shrutiben of South London Chandana Vidyapeeth

On Sunday 20th August had the honour of Shrutiben and her team from South London Chandana Vidyapeeth.  We had a very promising attendance of over 60 members for the workshop.

The morning session was on Jainism and Science.  Shrutiben expanded on the differences and similarities from Jainism and/or Science perspective on universe, reality – the Jain perspective, life – varieties, defining Jiva, our true nature, meaning of life and death – rebirth, support in time of grief, faith, rituals, health and wellbeing, technology, miracles and superstitions.  Her message to take home from this session was “Jainism IS science and the answers to most of existential questions.  However, with advances in science and our lack of thorough understanding of Jainism, we are left with conundrums. So lets make an effort to further our understanding and crack the code!”

After the morning session lunch was served.  We had the pleasure and company of Tusharbhai (OAUK President) along with 3 other EC members for lunch and the afternoon workshop which was on Gunastanak.  Shrutiben expanded on the virtual ladder of spiritual progress and what we need to do to reduce karmas.

The presenters were faced with some challenging and thought provoking questions from our members and the EC committee members.  It was a thoroughly thought provoking and enjoyable session.

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By Mona Rupen Shah