September EMM @EKTA

September’s EMM was sponsored by Mrs Ramaben Shantilal Ranmal Shah in the memory of
Shantilalbhai Ranmal Shah who passed away a year ago. Shantilalbhai was regular volunteer at Ekta Centre until he was taken ill couple of years ago.
We had attendance of 250 people and for the entertainment we had Ras Garba as Navratri was on its way. For Photos and Video please click the following link.

As always the food prepared inhouse by our EMM kitchen volunteers was delicious as always. Barfichurma ladoos were hit. They just melted in the mouth.
The next programme will be Diwali Hangama which is on Sunday 15th October 2017. That will be the last programme for a while at Ekta Centre as refurbishment work will be starting from 1 st of November 2017. November’s EMM will be in our new temporary house at ZV Hall in Kingsbury.