Shree Harishchandra Fulchand Shah

With deep regret and sadness we have to inform, Shree Harishchandra Fulchand Shah (Dairy Den- Ice-cream at Ahmedabad) has left this world on Wednesday 15 July 2020. He was son of Late Fulchand Meghji Shah and Late Kasturben Fulchand Shah of Rasanpur, latter lived in Mombasa and then Ahmedabad.

Harishchandra has left behind his wife Nita, daughter Aashini and son-in-law Shanu.

He was brother of Late Navin Fulchand Shah; Gita Bharat Dalal and Bharat Fulchand Shah, living in Croydon, London.

Bharat Dalal, Gita Dalal, Preetesh Dalal (son), Rajvi Dalal (daughter-in-law)

Bharat Shah, Kavita Shah, Devanshi Shah (daughter), Henna Shah (daughter)

Late Govindji Meghji Shah (brother of late Fulchand Meghji Shah) – Finchley, London, Amratben Govindji Shah, Lalita Keshu Malde, Laxhmikant (Babu) Govindji Shah, Nirmla Mansukh Shah, Mayur Govindji Shah, Gita Hasmukh Shah, Raksha Govindji Shah, Shobhna Govindji Shah

We are very thankful for the tributes offered and support we have received. We will not be conducting ‘Besnu’, ‘Sadadi’ or ‘Prayer meeting’ following the present situation.