South Area members receive awards for community service

Jai Jinendra,

Dear Members,

Yesterday Croydon Mayor presented certificates of appreciation of work carried out by Oshwal and other communities in Croydon area. As you can see a major presence by Oshwals.

Nutan Shah – She has helped throughout the pandemic. Helping to deliver meals and medication to those that needed help. She helps to make the meals and deliver them to hospitals. All this despite losing her husband suddenly in the middle of a pandemic. Always willing to help those in need.

Oshwal Sewing Club – Led by Maiuri Chandaria – She has been coordinating and helping make face masks and scrubs for all health workers. She has been instrumental in getting elders to make things to alleviate boredom and sharpen those skills they have from their younger days.

Anil Shah, Dharmesh Chedda and Shilpa Chedda of SEWA group – They have been instrumental in delivering food for the homeless almost every night and well as co-ordinating efforts to deliver food to food banks.

A huge thank you on behalf of South Area to everyone for helping during very difficult times for all due to COVID-19.

Take care,

Paresh Shah

OAUK Trustee and South Area Chairperson

Updated: Sunday 28 June 2020