South London Property Update on Imperial Way

OAUK had agreed to purchase a property on Imperial Way, Croydon, subject to planning permission approval in 2017. Unfortunately, the planning application was rejected by the council. Subsequently we had a meeting with the council on their flawed decision not to grant the permission and upon their recommendation and in consultation with our Planning Consultants we submitted an Appeal. The appeal process was submitted in December 2017 and this process normally takes 6 to 9 months.

Whilst the seller of the property was willing to wait for us, another company applied to build studio flats in the same property. Unfortunately, whilst our application failed, the Council approved change of use to Residential Flats. We met up with some Councillors to understand, why our application was rejected whilst construction of flats was approved. It seems the Government has given guidance to Croydon Council to approve flats / residential development due to a huge shortage in Borough of Croydon and the Council has no choice but to approve these under Permitted Development. Sadly, this was huge disappointment for us and the new company has now acquired this property.

Even though we had committed to purchase the Imperial Way Property, South Area property committee has been continuously looking for other suitable properties. We hope that in near future we will be able to secure a suitable property for our needs for members residing in South Area. Funds which had been acquired in disposal of South Mahajanwadi has currently been ringfenced so that this fund will be utilised for acquisition of new property when it happens. We shall keep you posted once we have any positive news.

Nilesh Bhagwanji Shah

OAUK Hon. President