South’s Well Wishers meet

On Sunday 26th June 2016, the South Area Committee in conjunction with the Property Acquisition Committee (PAC) jointly hosted a ‘Well Wishers’ Get Together. The idea behind this was to bring members together and tell them about:

  1. How we were progressing with the sale of the Mahajanwadi
  2. Progress on finding a new centre for South Area
  3. A vision of ‘Networking’ to bring closer, the members of our South Area.

The event took many months of planning and preparation with approximately 170 members including 5 Trustees from our Executive Committee attending the event. The turnout exceeded our expectation having also had 2 major events over the previous 2 weeks.

Briefly, we summarise the discussions as follows:

  • Sale of Mahajanwadi: Exchange of Contracts on the sale of our Mahajanwadi had been held up due to a few technicalities in paperwork. This should be resolved very soon and everything was otherwise in place for Exchange to take place
  • Search for a new property: Members were given details of the PAC and why it was formed. Members were shown all the properties that had been considered and given reasons as to their unsuitability. And more importantly, details of current enquiries under consideration by the PAC were presented.
  • Networking Vision: Over the years, our community in South has to a certain extent, lost its way and members have become alienated. From the PAC team, 2 members (Shashibhai Meghji and Hitesh Chandra Nemchand) were given the remit to finding a way which would bring the South Area members closer together. They proposed a vision of ‘Networking’ whereby we appoint a team of ‘Well Wishers’ to communicate with households and understand better, our members’ needs’ and requirements. It would also be a way to identify and help members who are in difficulty through hardship, health issues, loneliness etc.

A detailed report on the concept of the Networking Vision is on our website and can be accessed by clicking here

Following the presentations, members were given a chance to ask questions. The final closing remarks were made by Tusharbhai, our President. After this a brunch of chaai, jalebi and gathia were enjoyed by all.

There was great enthusiasm amongst the members after what they had heard. This was heart-warming for the committee as they had delivered what the members probably felt had been lacking previously. It is the intention of this new Committee to be transparent and open to all members. We want the members to understand directly from us of what we are doing rather than through third parties when information may not always be correct.

We had asked members to give us feedback and here are some of their comments:

QuestionResponse from Members
Comments and suggestion on search for new property‘Three P’s – Positive, Patience and Perseverance’

‘Open, transparent and informative’

‘Stops Chinese whispers’

Was the get together useful ?90% agreed
Is vision of networking workable ?94% said yes
Would you volunteer your service ?71% said they would
Continue this type of Get Together?99% agreed that this event is useful


Lastly, the vision of Networking received great acclaim and in order to deliver this, we need a good and able team of ‘Well Wishers’. If you feel you have the qualities to become a Well Wisher then kindly email with your details and some background information as to why you wish to get involved. This is really a chance for Members to help our community. We would especially like to hear from females and young Oshwals. Please respond by: Friday, 15th July 2016

A special thanks to both committees and the great team of volunteers for all their help and assistance.