Strokes: Prevention and Recovery

Thursday 14 October 2021 @ 8pm

A stroke is a brain attack. It happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off, killing brain cells. Damage to the brain can affect how the body works. It can also change how you think and feel. The effects of a stroke depend on where it takes place in the brain, and how big the damaged area is.

As we age, our arteries become harder and narrower and more likely to become blocked. However, certain medical conditions and lifestyle factors can speed up this process and increase your risk of having a stroke.

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We’re joined by Dr Ameet Bakhai – a top consultant cardiologist and Heather Angus–Leppan – consultant neurologist. They will talk about ‘how to prevent a stroke’ and other neuro conditions with similar symptoms to a stroke.

We’re also going to hear an inspiring story of recovery after two strokes. And, Nistha Malviya, a senior neuro therapist will show us how physio therapy can play an important role in recovery after a stroke.

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