Summer Camp 2016


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Sun 11th Sept – 4pm

A huge huge thankyou to the car park volunteers and especially the kids who helped with the car parking!!

Sun 11th Sept – 3pm

Kids were helping in the kitchen for the Swamivatsaly Bhojan!!

Sun 11th Sept – 2pm

The Collection Drive is going strong with kids helping sort, organise and pack the mountain of donated clothes and books!

Sun 11th Sept – 12pm

Oshwal Centre is buzzing with activities by kids and volunteers!! Kids helped with the set-up of the chairs in the main tent for lunch; helped with the chopping of salad in preparation for lunch; helped with car parking and of course helped sort, organise and pack all the items donated by Oshwals for the Collection Drive!!

Sun 11th Sept – 10am

After the kids had breakfast, they helped with set the chairs for the afternoon Bhojan! Then they helped set-up for Collection Drive! South Area then arrived with a coach load of clothes and books for the Collection Drive!!

Sun 11th Sept – 7.30am

A beautiful sunny morning at Oshwal Centre! Arti led the kids and adults to do a short yoga session in the morning.


Sun 11th Sept – 1am

The sky was clear and the star shining down on Oshwal Centre! A night-time walk through our beautiful and peaceful Derasar.

Sun 11th Sept – 12.30am

With the camp fire going strong the kids and adults enjoyed  a mid-night feast!!

Sat 10th Sept – 11pm

The camp fire is going! Kids and adults are enjoying singing songs, and share their thoughts and vision and ideas about Oshwal community around the camp fire. And.. of course there is hot chocolate for all!!!

Sat 10th Sept – 9pm

After dinner, the kids gather to listen to Tusharbhai, to launch the Oshwal Volunteer Group!!!

Sat 10th Sept – 7pm

The kids and adults are having a great time playing games and making lots of new friends.

Sat 10th Sept – 4pm

The kids are all settling in and play lots of games despite the rain!!

You have never seen Oshwal Centre like this!!

Sat 10th Sept – 2pm

The kids have started coming and registering for the summer camp!!

The environment within Oshwal Centre is buzzing!!!

Sat 10th Sept – 10.30am

The tents are up! All set for overnight summer camp at Oshwal Centre, Potters Bar!