Swamivatsaly Bhojan 2016

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Sun 11th Sept – 4pm

There was great atmosphere and community sprite throughout the day amongst all, attendees, volunteers and kids!!

Sun 11th Sept – 2pm

The sun was shining, the weather was stunning and the numbers of attendees soured! Nearly 5,000!!

Sun 11th Sept – 1pm

Kids not only helped make lunch, but also helped serve lunch, proudly wearing the Oshwal Volunteer Group badge!!

Sun 11th Sept – 12pm

Three Areas, North, North East & North West, united and organising one of the biggest Swamivatsaly Bhojan in recent years! The number were near 5,000!! Disabled lunch was provided in the LV Hall.

Sun 11th Sept – 10am

Early start for all the volunteers on Sunday morning, hard at work cooking all the food.

Sat 10th Sept – 7pm

A lovely dinner was made for all the volunteers, many has been at Oshwal Centre from first thing in the morning!

Sat 10th Sept – 2pm

The volunteers have been busy cooking and making mistan for Sunday! A lovely lunch was also served to all the Volunteers!!

Sat 10th Sept – 8am

The volunteers are out in full force!!

The kitchen is a buzz of actives and the tents have gone up! All systems go for the Swamivatsaly Bhojan tomorrow!!