The Haria Brothers

The Haria Brothers:   Savan and Ricky

In 2016, the Haria brothers, Ricky and Savan, co-founded a physical products e-commerce brand in the sports niche. The brand started as a work from home side hustle, with a focus selling on Amazon to the UK market.

In 2018, the brothers made the decision to start working on the sports brand full time. They optimised their existing products, launched more products and expanded the brand internationally.

By 2020, the brand had sold products to consumers in 100+ countries around the world and the business started getting on the radars of companies who wanted to acquire the brand – the brothers successfully sold the brand in summer 2020.

Be sure to join this presentation to hear about their journey, mindset and motivations in more detail – a truly inspiring story not to be missed. Whether or not you’re already in business, this talk will definitely make you re-think business – so much can be achieved with a laptop, internet connection and determination.

Date:  Tuesday 26th January 2021            Time: 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Time: Watch live on Oshwal YouTube Channel   followed by Q&A.

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