West Area Foodbank Donation


Helping and supporting the local community – Hounslow Community  FoodBox



Hounslow Community FoodBox was set up to deliver emergency food to those in need as a response to the rising number of people facing poverty in the London Borough of Hounslow. It was created to help poverty and support those in a time of need with both essential food supplies and assistance to get their lives back on track.


The FoodBox initiative started in the West Area as being residents in the Borough, we believed that there was an onus for us to help out in the community. Initially this was on an ad hoc basis and following a huge success this activity became more regular and morphed into a monthly one. The non-perishable food provisions were generously donated by our members and these were delivered to the FoodBox by our volunteers.


With the continued generosity and support of our West Area community and the association, the West Area committee has been organising regular donations of food provisions to the FoodBox who are ever so appreciative of our contribution, particularly during these unprecedented times as they are facing well above average increase in demands especially since last year due to the effects of the pandemic.


Whilst it is sad that the FoodBox continues to be needed to support those in need, this success story has inspired an ever increasing number of our community members to boost donations towards this cause.


If you would like to contribute towards this charitable cause by way of non-perishable food provisions or money then please contact a member of the West Area committee.