West Health Awareness Seminar

Background: On 14th September 2019 Oshwal West Area held a Health Awareness Seminar at Oshwal Shakti Centre. This was a historical event for Oshwals in UK! Why? Because for the first time in Oshwal history, a Healthy, Tasty, Jain, Vegan, Raw and Gluten-free dinner with fresh fruits, vegetables and other wholesome ingredients was served.

We had an early morning start to the day with volunteers preparing fresh food. Quite a number of volunteers had come together for the first time to help prepare the food but they worked very well together. They improvised and chipped in wherever help was needed. The working environment had such a nice atmosphere that everyone enjoyed it. Another benefit of the raw food was that the washing up only took a few minutes as there was no grease in the pots.

Shakti Centre was completely filled with an audience ranging from 13 to over 90 years of age!

Learning: We learnt from the Lecture that our body is a natural object and nature can cure us and keep us healthy.

The 4 steps we need to become healthy are:-

  1. Fast for a 16 hour period daily *
  2. Break the fast with a green juice (fibre filtered out)
  3. When hungry, eat raw vegan food **
  4. Take enema

* Fasting can be achieved in 1 of 2 ways: No food or drink for 6-8 hours after waking up. Alternatively, aim to achieve a 16-hour period daily when no food or water is taken. For example, finish by 4pm, resume at 8am the next morning.
** Remember that hungerless-eating and over-eating are harmful.

It usually takes three months of following these 4 steps strictly to cleanse yourself of toxins. Stubborn issues like skin or blood may take longer. The process can be intensified by replacing step 3 with just vegetable juice (fibre to be filtered out).

During this process, sometimes a “healing crisis” can occur such as diarrhoea, headache, temperature, vomiting, etc.. This is a sign that the body is now eliminating toxins.

Testimonials: Afterwards came testimonials by a number of people who have cured themselves without conventional medicines.

  1. A 70 year old explained how she cured herself of high blood pressure, knee problems and diabetes. As a bonus, lost quite a bit of weight!
  2. A 57 year old explained how she cured herself of severe arthritis which she had suffered from the age of 21. Now she is able to play hockey with people in their 20’s!
  3. A 10 year old described how she used to constantly suffered from colds and coughs. Her parents put her on this diet and all the problems simply disappeared!

Demonstration & food: Afterwards a demonstration of how to make some recipes was conducted. This made everyone’s mouth water and prepared them for the meal.
Finally, people started to enjoy the Tasty, Healthy, Jain, Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free dinner prepared by our volunteers earlier in the day. Dishes served were Stuffed Tomato, Petis, Raw Mung Dal Shaak, Vegetable Bhel, Sweet Red Chutney, Hot Green Chutney and Double-Melon Fruit Salad with Home Made Nut & Seed Milk.

There was a great demand for the recipes of the food served on the day. These and many more recipes are now available at:

  1. AtmaDharma.org/jainVeganRecipes.html
  2. AtmaDharma.com/jainVeganRecipes.html

Finally: Our heartful thanks goes to each and every volunteer, without whose help this event would not have been successful. Thank you. Also, we would like to thank the volunteers for putting the recipes on the AtmaDharma website for people to enjoy.

Take-away: To start your journey to health, select a recipe from the links above and make it today. Then repeat daily and watch how your health changes. Just implement some of these recipes into your weekly routine and you will have a tasty way of getting to a healthier diet.

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