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Thursday 13th October 2016 at Regent’s University London

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Note: OAUK does not provide any financial and/or investment advice, and all views expressed at the Seminar were those of the speakers.

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The Oshwal Fund Management Seminar attracted a range of Oshwals from many Areas of our community. This included many industry professionals who were active in the markets, some aspiring entrepreneurs looking to set up their own fund management businesses, along with young Oshwals who were starting out their careers in the industry. The seminar provided a great platform to facilitate an evening of networking, sharing of thoughts and experiences around a common interest – fund management and the financial markets.

With welcome drinks in hand, everyone enjoyed a networking session. Catching-up with old friends and making new friends!

Mayur Doshi and Nikul Shah

The evening opened with a quick reminder that the purpose of the evening was to encourage greater networking among Oshwals on a topic of common interest – Fund Management and the Financial Markets, and that in no way was OAUK offering any investment advice or opportunities. All views expressed were that of the speakers.

After welcomes, Adam Harris, a technical and algorithmic trader of private funds, gave an insightful overview of global markets, with a focus on currency pairs to kick off the evening.

Adam Harris, Technical and Algorithmic Trader

Thereafter, Ketan Vora an international high technology manufacturing CEO/COO and a serial entrepreneur, having lived and worked in the US, Asia & Europe, provided an overview of the setting up in the fund management business.

Niraj Shah and Ketan Vora

Sanjay Ranchhoddas, a charismatic individual with over 15 years’ experience in Trading and Brokerage, gave an insightful presentation (link to slides) into the trials and tribulations of setting up a fund management business and different ways to approach this, including regulatory considerations.

Sanjay Ranchhoddas

This was followed by a tag-team duo, Dr Paul Netherwood and Sanjeev Lakhanpal, who shared their experiences in setting up their own fund management business, which at its peak had circa $1bn assets under management. Both Dr Paul and Sanjeev have decorated careers in fund management starting out at Man Group and now own their own business, Beach Horizon LLP.

Dr Paul Netherwood

Then is was time for a short tea & coffee break with lots more networking amongst all the attendees.

After the break, we opened up the seminar to audience through a panel discussion with the speakers, providing an opportunity to tap into their expertise and experiences.

Sachin Shah asking questions to the Panel

The evening came to a close with EC members thanking the audience and speakers for their participation and to take what they learned forward and to keep the momentum going by getting more involved in future Seminars.

Dr. Paul Netherwood

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A huge thank you to all the speakers who gave some really great insights into the fund management sector based on their collective experience.

Please note that the views expressed at the Seminar are that of the speakers and not of the OAUK.

Dr Paul Netherwood

Dr Netherwood is a founding partner of Beach Horizon LLP with responsibilities for investment management and research for Horizon. He was responsible for designing and building the Horizon trading model and systems. He has over 20 years’ experience in designing and building trading systems and large-scale risk management systems in a number of investment banks.

Prior to founding Beach Horizon in May 2005, Dr Netherwood was at Beach Capital Management from 2001 where he was responsible for building systematic trading systems. Paul started his career at AHL (now part of the Man Group plc) in 1993 where he was involved in trading system development. He later moved to Nomura to build risk management systems. Following that, he was Chief Architect at a risk management software house responsible for building Credit Risk Management systems for Deutsche Bank.

Dr Netherwood has a PhD in Pattern Recognition and a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from Kingston University London.

Sanjay Ranchhoddas

Sanjay began his career in financial services in 2002 at Halewood international futures as a junior derivative broker. In 2008, Sanjay left the firm and joined AX Markets as the lead Portfolio Manager to work and develop a multi strategy portfolio offering for the firm’s internal funds along with a credible offering to UHNW individuals and family offices. In 2014, he was recruited to ACG Advisors as the Senior Portfolio Manager for a multi-million pound hedge fund. Sanjay is currently still managing a portfolio under ACG and Prosdocimi Ltd.

During the course of Sanjay’s career he has been involved in fund setups and structuring along with a direct exposure to equity and FX products.

Ketan Vora

Ketan Vora is an international high technology manufacturing CEO/COO and a serial entrepreneur, having lived and worked in the US, Asia & Europe.

Some of the largest highly respected worldwide customers and partnerships that he has developed and worked with directly to get his products and companies qualified and approved as major suppliers are: Apple, Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, Bic Camera, IBM, Fry’s, HP, Digital Equipment, FNAC, Media Mark, Guillemot, Sun Microsystems, Siemens, Phillips, Olivetti, Marubeni.

Since 2007 Ketan has been involved as a Crisis/Turnaround and CEO/Restructuring Professional, and who has been involved in maximizing enterprise value, stakeholder and shareholder value in various industries. As a turnaround specialist, his engagements have included high technology business models and the formation of buyout strategies for start-ups.

Ketan is an ICAEW Chartered Accountant and has a BSc Management Sciences from LSE.

Adam Harris

Financial Markets and algorithmic trader, portfolio risk manager.

Adam Harris is a founder of private firm Equus Research & Development, which focuses on financial market data analysis, and the development of algorithms to trade that data.
He is also a part-time content provider and market analyst for several firms, including Trade with Precision, for esteemed clients such the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Futures Institute (CME), and the Inter Continental Exchange division of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:ICE) in the US, where his content is viewed by upwards of 30,000 persons worldwide, including the world’s top traders.

Adam’s key focus includes:

  • Algorithms currently actively trading selected FOREX instruments
  • Trend-based multi-market discretionary trading
  • The ongoing development of safer/lower-risk algorithms and diversification
  • Developing sustainable trading environment conditions

Before bringing his technical knowledge to the financial markets for his own personal investment, Adam specialised for over 15 years in the technical aspects of Visual Effects in the film and commercial industry in South Africa and the United Kingdom, specifically Fluid dynamics, Cloth and Hair Simulation and advanced lighting and rendering.  He was one of the first product specialists in the world for Alias Wavefront Technologies, a subsidiary of Silicon Graphics, which is now a division of Autodesk PLC, both multi-Academy Award winning companies for their technological advancements and contribution to just about every single feature film featuring visual effects since 1990.

Adam also has a long history of writing for industry publications.

He is currently based in the UK, with regular travels to Canada, and Europe.

To download the slides from the Seminar, click here.

To see photos from the Seminar, click here.

We are forming an Oshwal Fund Management Group to take forward some of the ideas and initiatives mentioned at the Fund Management Seminar.

We have a WhatsApp Group for the Oshwal Fund Management Group which you can join, as well as an mailing list. We are also working on further Property and Investment related seminars, such as a Property Tax Webinar as well as Fund Management Seminar.

To join the Oshwal Property WhatsApp Group, please email us, click here.

We will also be launching the Oshwal Business Directory in due course, so watch out for more details on this on our Oshwal website.

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