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Thursday 13th October 2016 at Regent’s University London

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THURSDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2016 – Regent’s University London – the evening was buzzing with an interactive and informative Property Seminar!

The Oshwal Property Seminar attracted over 80 young Oshwals from many Areas of our community, to come together for a great evening of networking, sharing of thoughts and experience about a common interest – Properties!

With welcome drinks in hand and some light food refreshments, everyone enjoyed a networking session. Catching-up with old friends and making new friends!!

Paras Shah, Neil Shah & Suraj Shah


The evening opened with a quick reminder that the purpose of the evening was to encourage greater networking among young Oshwals on a topic of common interest – Properties, and that in no way was OAUK offering any property investment advice or opportunities. All views expressed were that of the speaker.

After Prayers Bhavik Shah, a young Oshwal running his own Property Investment business, gave a presentation on the UK Property Sector.

Bhavik Shah
Bhavik Shah


Thereafter, Nirav Shah, another young Oshwal, running his own property investment company, gave an overview of the different ways in which people interested in property investments, can get into the market. Nirav offered lots of practical examples and encouragement.

Nirav Shah
Nirav Shah


Then is was time for a short tea & coffee break with lots more networking amongst all the attendees.

After the break, Jilna Shah and her friends Maya, Surbhi and Nund, gave a very practical presentation sharing their experience of building up a portfolio of property investments.

Jilna, Maya, Surbhi and Nund
Jilna, Maya, Surbhi and Nund


After the presentations there was an open forum Q&A and discussion about the various aspects of the property sector, and many attendees shared their experiences about property investments.

Tusharbhai closed the evening with a short highlight of upcoming events and thanked everyone for all for coming and encouraged everyone to take what they learned at the Seminar forward and to keep the momentum going by getting more involved in future Oshwal Seminars.

To view more pictures from the Seminar, click here.

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A huge thank you to all the speakers, Bhavik, Nirav, Jilna, Maya, Nund and Surbhi who gave some really great insights into the property sector based on their collective experience.

Please note that the views expressed at the Seminar are that of the speakers and not of the OAUK.

Jilna Shah

ps-jilnashahJilna, along with her friends, Maya, Surbhi and Nund, share a common interest in property. They purchased their first property, in 2013, through auction and they are now coming to the end of their third project, a flat conversion in Brighton. Jilna says, “Over the last 3 years we have gained invaluable knowledge and continue to embrace all of the challenges that property investing brings.”

(E) jilnashah15@gmail.com and (M) +44 (0)7791 589 250

Nirav Shah

ps-niravshahNirav is heads up PropVestment, a company focused on collective property investments. About the UK property sector, Nirav says, “The property market has changes, so our approach needs to change too.”

(E) nirav@propvestment.com and (M) +44 (0)7960 344 399

Bhavik Shah

ps-bhavikshahBhavik is co-founder and Director of Niveda, a multi-family office property investment company. About the UK property sector, Bhavik says “The real estate market in the UK has never been more interesting as a sector.”

(E) b.j.shah@niveda.com and (M) +44 (0)7775 432 100

We will shortly be uploading the slides from Bhavik’s presentation here.

The names of the attendees were as follows:


Aashna Dodhia

Ajay Gudka


Akhil Shah

Amal Shah

Anish Malde

Asha Malde

Ashish Patani

Baijul Arun Shah

Basanti Shah

Bhavik Jayendrakumar Shah

Bhavini Shah

Bhavni Shah

Bhavya Jain

Bijal Harakhchand Shah

Bijal Shah

Chetan Shah

Darshan Malde

Diilsha Nirav Shah

Dinesh Shah

Emeline Jones

Harjeet Singh Suri

Hemini Shah

Hetal Shah

Hina Bijal Shah

Hinal Shah

Hiren Shah

Hiten Shah

Indira Dilip Shah

Jayendra Shah

Jyoti Shah

Kamlesh Shah

Katerina Liouri

Kavit Shah

Kenil Shah

Ketan Shah

Kiran Shah

Kundan Shah

Madhusudan Shah

Mahesh Shah

Miten Shah

Mukesh Shah

Nalin Tailor

Namrata Shah

Neil Shah

Nirav Jaivant Shah

Nishil Shah

Pallavi Shah

Paras Shah

Priti Dodhia

Priya Shah

Punit Shah

Rahul Malde

Rajesh Shah

Rakhee Shah

Ramesh Haria

Rikesh Shah

Roshan Patel

Roshni Dilip Shah

Rupen Shah

Sachin Savla

Sandip P Shah

Sanjay Shah

Savan Shah

Shaileen Shah

Shama Shah

Shiv Haria

Sohini Dilip Shah

Sudhir Shah

Surendra Dodhia

Timir Shah

Tram Anh Nguyen

Tusharbhai Shah (OAUK President)

Vimal Shah

Vinod Shah

To view more pictures, click here.

Here are some feedback videos from attendees as to what they thought of the Seminar.

Feedback from Shiv Haria
Feedback from Paras Shah

We are forming an Oshwal Property Group to take forward some of the ideas and initiatives mentioned at the Property Seminar.

We have a WhatsApp Group for the Oshwal Property Group which you can join, as well as an mailing list. We are also working on further Property and Investment related seminars, such as a Property Tax Webinar as well as Fund Management Seminar.

To join the Oshwal Property WhatsApp Group, please email us, click here.

We will also be launching the Oshwal Business Directory in due course, so watch out for more details on this on our Oshwal website.

Key Youth Portfolio Contacts

Bhavni Shah (Youth Culture)
(M) 07966 260 111
(E) bhavni.shah@oshwal.org

Rahul Jatish Malde (OBPN & Enterprise Programme)
(M) 07809 147 066
(E) rahul.malde@oshwal.org

Hemini Shah (Youth Co-ordinator)
(M) 07957 308 702
(E) hemini.shah@oshwal.org

Ashish Jayantilal Patani (Youth Co-ordinator)
(M) 07708 753 510
(E) ashish.patani@oshwal.org

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