Welcome to Youth & OBPN Conference 2016!

Thursday 22nd September 2016 at Oshwal Ekta Centre

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THURSDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER 2016 – Oshwal Ekta Centre – the evening was buzzing with fun and interactive ideas and discussion!

The Youth & OBPN Conference 2016 attracted over 100 young Oshwals from many Areas of our community, to come together for a great evening of networking, sharing of thoughts, views and vision for our community going forward.

With welcome drinks in hand and some light food refreshments, everyone enjoyed a networking session. Catching-up with old friends and making new friends!!

The evening opened with a lovely modern dance routine, performed by Meera Shah, to the music of Slumdog Millionaire! The audience were captivated by the warm welcome and appreciated Meera’s performance.

After Prayers (led by Varsaben Shah, an EC Member and Religion Portfolio Chairperson), Tusharbhai (our OAUK Hon. President) welcomed everyone and introduced the Youth Team (Rahul, Bhavni, Kunjal & Rekhaben).

Then Bhavik Shah, a young Oshwal running his own Property Investment business, gave a very short preview talk on the upcoming Property Seminar, which will be happening on 13th October in Central London.

Thereafter, everyone was shown the special event webpage which was available to attendees only, which outlined a variety of interactive features which were used during the rest of the evening to share ideas.

There were table facilitators to help each table group during the brainstorming session. Making use of a special event webpage on our Oshwal website, attendees were able to post ideas straight to the website, for sharing amongst everyone else, which were projected live on the screen!

After a short break for tea & cofee & cake (homemade by Rekhaben), Meera & Vimal Shah gave a short presentation on the upcoming Media Seminar, which will be on 10th November in Central London.

Then it was time for group presentation – and oh what great fun we had!!

Ideas flowed and lively discussions helped shaped some of the ideas which Oshwal Youth Team would be pursing.

Tusharbhai closed the evening with a short highlight of upcoming events and thanked everyone for all for coming and sharing their ideas.

To view more pictures from the Youth & OBPN Conference, click here.

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7pm – 7.45pm

Opportunity to network with fell Oshwals over welcome drinks and some light food refreshments.


  • Names & occupations
  • An interesting fact about you
  • Your reason for attending the Conference


7.45pm – 8pm

Prayers & Welcome

Who’s Who


8pm – 8.15pm

Teaser Talk – Property Seminar by Bhavik Shah


8.15pm – 9pm

Brainstorming Session

Introduction of Facilitators & Idea generation exercise


9pm – 9.15pm

Tea & Coffee Break


9.15pm – 9.30pm

Teaser Talk – Media Seminar by Meera & Vimal Shah


9.30pm – 10.15pm

Group Presentations & Open Forum


10.15pm – 10.30pm

Closing remarks & Feedback

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Name Company Name Your Profession / Industry Sector Interests
Aarti Shah Student Medicine Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Aarti Shah Treking, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Akshita Shah Self employed Pharmacy Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Akshita Shah Self employed Pharmacy Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Aliesha Shah Treking, Camping, & Media
Amal Shah Gerald Edelman Accountancy Sewa
Amar Shah Accountancy Camping
Amit Mehta Qualified ACCA Accountancy Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Anant Shah Treking, & Camping
Arjun Shah 8 Advisory Financial Advisory Treking, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Ashish Patani Investment Banking Accountancy Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Ashni Haria Treking, & Media
Ashwin Shah Media
Bella Shah Specsavers Optimetric Treking, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Bhavik Shah Niveda Property Sewa
Bhavini Shah Nationwide Building Soceity OTHER Treking, & Media
Bhavni Shah Civil Service Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Bijal Shah Sewa
Daksha Maroo Property Medical Camp, & Sewa
Darshan Malde American Express OTHER Treking
Deepesh Shah Treking, Camping, & Medical Camp
Dhrupti Shah Public Health England Civil Service Camping, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Dilan Shah Treking
Dilip Maroo Westbourne Pharmacy Ltd Pharmacy Medical Camp
Dilip Shah Dynamix international ltd OTHER Treking
Dilip Shah Sewa & Media
Dipali Shah KPMG Taxation Treking
Divyesh Malde walden farms uk ltd Business owner Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Gemini Shah Lonza biologics Medical Research Treking
Hema Shah Treking
Hemal Shah Treking
Hemini Shah Cranbrook Castle Montessori Teaching Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Hersal Shah Business owner
hershal Shah Treking, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Hinesh Patel Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Jatish Malde Media
Jatish Malde Media
Jigna Malde Treking, Camping, & Medical Camp
Ketan Bid Civil service learning Civil Service Sewa
Keval Shah Accountancy Media
Khilna Hasmukhrai Shah Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Komal Shah Sewa & Media
Krupa Shah Treking
kunal Shah Dentistry
Kunal Shah Blick Rothenberg Accountancy Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Kunjal Haria Mgmt Consultancy Treking, & Camping
Kushan Shah Physiotheraphy Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Mahesh Shah Astongrove Ltd Business owner Treking
Maya Shah Media
Mayur Shah Investment Banking Treking
Meena Shah Shah and Shin Accountancy Medical Camp
Meera Shah Media & PR Media
Mehul Shah Transport for London Accountancy Treking, Camping, Sewa & Media
Mehul Malde Medical Camp, & Sewa
Minesh Shah InfraRed Capital Fund Management Treking
Mukul Shah Medicine Treking, Camping, & Medical Camp
Nayna Shah Sewa
Neel Sawjani Treking
Neeta Shah Teaching
Nilesh Shah Media
Nilesh Shah N SHAH & CO Accountancy Treking, & Medical Camp
Nilma Malde Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Palak Shah Camping
Paras Shah HSBC Investment Banking Treking, Sewa & Media
Parin Shah PSS Consulting Ltd Business owner Treking, & Sewa
Parul Shah Sewa
Pooja Shah Media
Pooja Haria Financial Advisory Sewa
Poonam Shah GSK Medical Research Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Poonam Shah NHS Optimetric Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Prakash Shah Vodafone Group OTHER Treking, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Pratibha Malde Brent Council OTHER Sewa
Pratik Malde Lloyd’s Register Charity Sector Treking
Preshul Shah Psychology Treking, Camping, Sewa & Media
Priya Patani Treking
priya Shah P R DENT SERVICES LTD Dentistry Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Puja Shah Treking
Raajvy Shah Dentist Dentistry Treking
Rahul Shah Transport for London Accountancy Medical Camp, & Sewa
Rahul Malde Nationwide Commercial Property Treking
Raj Shah Camping
Rajal Shah KPMG Accountancy Treking, Camping, & Media
Rajan Shah Treking
Rajen Shah Travelers Insurance Treking
Rajesh Shah Joseph Homes Property Treking, Medical Camp, & Sewa
Rashmikant Shah Accountancy
Rikesh Shah Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Rishi Shah Treking
Rishi Shah OTHER Treking, Camping, & Medical Camp
Rishul Shah Pharmacist Pharmacy Treking
Rita Rayani Fund Management Sewa & Media
Ronak Shah Kikapu Ltd OTHER Camping, Sewa & Media
Ronak Maroo Janssens Pharmacy Pharmacy Treking, & Medical Camp
Rumit Shah Conservation Finance International Media
Sachin Savla Treking, & Medical Camp
Sailesh Shah Accountancy Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Sanjay Shah Prestige Sign company OTHER Treking, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Sapna Shah Treking, Camping, Medical Camp, Sewa & Media
Sarita Shah OTHER Camping, & Sewa
Sarita Shah OTHER Camping, & Sewa
Sarith Gada Medical Camp
Shama Shah Dentistry Medical Camp
Sheel Shah KPMG Accountancy Treking, & Sewa
Shreeya Shah PwC Accountancy Treking
Sonal Shah Actuary Treking, & Sewa
Sulsa Shah Treking, Camping, & Sewa
Sunil Shah Reportis Information Technology Media
Suraj Shah Treking, & Camping
Vaishali Shah Sewa & Media
Vanshri Shah Pharmacy
Vijay Shah Lloyds Banking Group Information Technology Treking
Vimal Shah Information Technology Media
Vishita Shah Teleretrillium Accountancy Treking, Camping, & Media

To view more photos from the event, click here.


Key Youth Portfolio Contacts

Bhavni Amritlal Shah (Youth Culture)
(M) 07966 260 111
(E) bhavni.shah@oshwal.org

Kunjal Chandrakant Haria (Youth Sports)
(M) 07771 834 552
(E) kunjal.haria@oshwal.org

Rahul Jatish Malde (OBPN & Enterprise Programme)
(M) 07809 147 066
(E) rahul.malde@oshwal.org

Ashish Jayantilal Patani (Youth Co-ordinator)
(M) 07708 753 510
(E) ashish.patani@oshwal.org

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