E-Newsletter August 2020

Jai Jinendra and Pranam,

Jai Jinendra and Pranam,

I hope you are all enjoying the summer time. We have been fortunate to have good warm weather so far. At the same time, I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Paryushan from Sat 15 Aug to Sat 22 Aug 2020

Our most auspicious event for the year is Paryushan. Unfortunately, due to Corvid 19 this year, we are unable to celebrate Paryushan in our traditional manner. However, all our Religious Committees and Jayeshbhai have discussed a program to organise a Virtual Paryushan. Our appreciation to the advancements in technology today, and hence, we will be able bring you live broadcasts for a full 8 days with an interesting and exciting Paryushan.

I am very positive this year we will all be able celebrate Paryushan in a very memorable and pleasant experience. On that note I warmly invite you all to join hands and we will all collectively enjoy the full 8 days programme which commences on 15th August. Full details of the programme are on our website so do visit our website.

Details on website  |  in gujarati  |  in english

All Oshwal Paryushan sessions can be watched live on the Oshwal YouTube channel.

Dhaja Celebration Event on Sun 6 Sept 2020

This is scheduled to take place on 6th September. This is an event where we organise an annual flag changing ceremony at our Jinalay in Potters Bar. It is a very auspicious ceremony for all Jains, and it is once in a lifetime to be lucky to be part of very important ceremony.

Once again, this ceremony will be done virtually and lucky family whose name will be drawn will be able to take part in the ceremony at our Jinalay. We have kept a token of £101 for this draw, so I hope you will able to be part of this draw by buying a token. Although you may not win the draw but by your contribution will also be part of this ceremony. So, come forward and approach our office at Oshwal Centre to purchase this token. Please see further details on our website.

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Paryushan and Das Lakshan Proramme

This is the Grand opening programme of Paryushan on 15th August 2020 at 9.45 UK time.

Event link

Jin Dharsan Book

On 19th July2020 we launched this book at Oshwal Centre with a virtual ceremony conducted by Jayeshbhai. This book provides a very useful pictorial guidance to all the rituals we undertake when visiting a Jain Derasar. We would like to thank late Hansrajbhai Shah, Bhartbhai, Manishbhai and Kamalbhai and their families of Sigma Pharmaceuticals for sponsoring the publication of this book.

Also, I thank the compliers and editors of the book who had given their valuable time over the last couple of years to produce this book. This book can now be collected at any of our Centres and full details of days and collection times are on our website.

We apologise due to Covid 19 restrictions in place and with no activities being organised by the local areas we are unable to distribute these books at all local Areas for the time being. However should circumstances change, we will be able to distribute the book at other Areas.

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Over the last four months, sadly we have lost many Oshwals for various reasons including Corvid 19. Our sincerest condolences to all the families, who have lost their dearest family members. With the relaxation of Government rules, we are now able to open our centres where we can only allow up to 30 person per hall and with strict social distance measures in place. No sitting arrangement will be allowed, apart for the bereaved family members. Each of us who wishes to offer condolences, can do so and to keep to the government guidelines and leave straight after, to allow others to attend.

Bereaved family can now book Oshwal Centre and we have agreed, that there will be no charges during this pandemic period. However if you wish to donate, than this would be greatly appreciated. Initially this availability is only at Oshwal Centre, however it is our intention to open up other Centres as the circumstances changes for us. For further details please contact our Admin office at Oshwal Centre, Potters Bar

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Private functions at Oshwal Centres

Our Centres at Potters Bar, Ekta Centre and Shakti Centres are now open for private functions with the Government Guidelines in place and restrictions on numbers, allowed to attend at any one time. If you wish to organise an event please contact the appropriate Centre who will provide you guidance for holding your event.

Online events

Over the last few months as you are all aware various other online events are being organised to engage with you all and keep you informed on any important aspects of OAUK work. Please visit our website for further details.

Executive Committee and Area Committees

This is an election year for us, when OAUK would have normally elected a new Trustees, i.e. Executive Committee (EC) and Area Committees, however with a pandemic announced in mid March 2020, apart for Luton Area we were unable conduct any annual general meetings (AGM’s) this year. I am pleased to say all the various Committees are still in place and all continuing to serve you all through these difficult times we are facing. My appreciation to all the Committee members still continuing to serve during these challenging times.

On a sad note our Hon. Secretary Harishbhai Motichand Shah, has resigned from OAUK due to ill health. Our appreciation for his services to the community whilst he served as a Trustee of OAUK.

Due to untimely deaths of two of our dear colleagues and Trustees and recent resignation due to ill health, we have vacancies in the EC. We are seeking to fill these vacancies by co-opting Oshwal members to the EC, to serve until it is possible for us to hold our normal AGMs. If you would be interested in knowing more about being a Trustee for our Association, please do contact me.

Finally, on behalf of my fellow Trustees, Committee Members and the Board of Advisors I seek your forgiveness for any misdeeds or actions on our part which may have hurt your feelings in any way.

Jai Mahavir, Jai Oshwal,

Nilesh Bhagwanji Shah

OAUK Hon. President

Email: president@oshwal.org