East Area held their 45th AGM meeting at St Albans Church Hall, Ilford, Essex.

There was a meal before the meeting, and everyone enjoyed a delicious Moong Dal and Debra with pickles and papads. Tea was served soon after.

Kishore Bhai Lalji Haria, Chairperson, lead the AGM with the full committee present. Kishorbhai welcomed the members from the EC our President Tusharbhai, Nileshbhai (Vice-President), Heminiben (Secretary) and Ashvinbhai Jethalal Shah.

Kishorebhai addressed emphasising the need for youth engagement with in the Area and also the wider community to come and take part in the area. Lalitaben Amritlal Shah presented the secretary report, and the treasures report was given by Ashvin Virpar Shah.

All the committee members gave their report and how they enjoyed working with the committee. Than the president gave his message and all the work carried over by the EC.

A standing ovation was given to the present committee for the hard work and the unity.

Thereafter, Kishorebhai dissolved the Area Committee and Nileshbhai and Heminiben (both EC Members) were appointed Returning Officers to conduct the election for a new Area Committee.

Following the election rules as per the Constitution and Regulations, the following Area Committee members were duly elected by members present by voting.

Area Chairperson – Kishore Bhai Lalji Haria.
Vice Chairperson – Lalitaben Amritlal Lakhamshi Shah
Secretary – Lataben Ashvin Virpar Shah
Treasurer – Ashvinbhai Virpar Shah

Committee Members – Babubhai Devji Shah, Bhartiben Shah, Narottambhai Raichand Shah, Nandlal Bhai Ranmal Shah, Sunitaben Shantilal Shah.

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