Ekta Centre Refurbishment

EKTA Centre was purchased 5 years ago. Since then the number of activities have grown year on year and run “totally” by volunteers, helping us achieve great savings as an Organization. The Centre has its limitations and some shortfalls which we had inherited when we purchased the centre. We have managed to ensure that over last 5 years we did just bear minimum needed while we have waited for over 30 months to start the works and costs increase over time. Now we have approval from EC to start the work to ensure it is fit for our members at large.

Ground floor – VF Hall, where the bulk of the work is planned with an extension of the kitchen. With the growth of activities there was always a tremendous strain on our kitchen to cater for the volume of members utilizing the Centre. Storage is also an issue especially for with food stuff and utensils. New electrical wiring. New HVAC to provide fresh air in to a confined hall which many of you would have notice already. We have had to open all the doors and windows in the summer time but this has brought about an issue of noise with our residents nearby.

Middle floor – Infinity hall, conversion to Ghar Derasar whereby serving the local needs of our members a small simple design was approved recently. Upgrade some of the wiring and lighting as needed along with flat roof repairs where we have a number of leaks.

Top floor – Karania Hall, we are now using the hall on a regular basis so we now plan complete the refurbishment of Karania Hall as well. This will also have a small kitchen, washroom facilities, new wiring & lighting, HAVC system, storage space, etc.

For the last 2 years we had blocked the halls in the winter months to help us undertake these work, but for various reasons this work could not be done and thus we lost some potential income. We are now embarking upon this renovation with the centre being shut from November 2017.

Current plan of the works are as follows:

  1. September – Mid October: Top floor – Karania Hall
  2. Mid October-Mid November: Infinity Hall, Middle Floor Rooms and offices
  3. November 2017 to End of March 2018: Full closure of Ekta Centre with start of the ground floor extension and Refurbishment work.
  4.  New replacement of Lift to be installed.

Like our Ekta Volunteers, many of you have devoted a vast amount of effort and time to the centre. We would like request members at large to donate towards to the Oshwal Ekta Centre refurbishment project. This will benefit all members locally in the North West area as the centre hosts more than 400 activities each year. Our North West Area fund raising team can be reached at the following number 0208 206 1141. Please contact us at that number or contact any committee member from EC or North West Area. You can also donate online via: www.oshwal.org.uk/donation.