Jin Vaani Amrutdhaara

Sunday, 6th December 2020 at 11.00 am

The Satsangs hosted every Sunday by the Oshwal Association of the U.K. – Pujya Shri Jayeshbhai Shah presents them so well and imparts knowledge in very simple and easy to understand language. So, what will you learn and attain from the Jin Vaani Amrutdhaara Satsangs?

  • Jin Bhakti and the specialities of Jineshvar Bhagwan
  • Life stories of Great Souls
  • The message of Religion useful in present time
  • Tattva Gyan – Philosophy
  • Dharma and Karma
  • Suspicion and Compromise
  • Religious knowledge on various topics useful in life

Please do take this opportunity and join in with your family and loved ones.

To download details in Gujarati, click here.

No registration required.  You can watch the live stream on Oshwal YouTube channel.