FRIDAY 11th NOVEMBER 2016 – OSHWAL CENTRE – Executive Committee Meeting Night!

The second Friday of each month is always a busy one, as we have our regular monthly Executive Committee (EC) meeting. This Friday was no exception!

Aside from the regular agenda of the EC meeting which includes review of Treasurer’s Report, Area & Portfolio Reports and any Correspondence; at each EC we try and focus of additional topics for the long-term development of our Association.

At this EC meeting, additional items for discussion included, the forthcoming Special General Meeting (SGM) and the 50th Anniversary year Celebrations.

Tusharbhai, our OAUK Hon. President, lead the discussion and briefing for the SGM which will be held at Oshwal Centre on Sunday 4th December 2016 from XYZ. The SGM is open to all Oshwal Members and a formal notice has already gone out with the last edition of Oshwal News. Tusharbhai, explained the various aspects of the SGM which would cover:

  • Oshwal House Refurbishment and Extentsion
  • Proposed Extension to the Jinalay Complex
  • Oshwal Vision & Budget approval for 1st phase

Heminiben, our OAUK Hon. Secretary, then lead the discussion and briefing for the 50th Anniversary Year Celebrations. 2018 will be our Association’s 50th year since being established. All the Trustees were shown a very short video clip, giving a flavour of the history and heritage of our Association of the last 50 years.


Thereafter, Heminiben explained that while the our 50th Anniversary year is in 2018, we have to start planning for it now, and thus presented some ideas and suggestions for what we could so to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Ideas included:

  • Recognition of all volunteers
  • Recognition of all past Area, EC and BoA members
  • A commemorative monument marking our 50 years in UK
  • An Oshwal Movie & Video Time capsule capturing our Associations rich and diverse history and heritage

The overall aim and ethos of the 50th Anniversary Year Celebrations is to mark the last 50 years and also look ahead to the next 50 years for our Association and encourage great engagement and participation by Oshwal Members of all ages in community and sewa work.
There were many other ideas briefly suggested but these are just a few to name. While the EC and Areas Committees will be discussion some of these ideas and providing feedback at the next EC meeting, it would be great to hear for Oshwal Members as to what Oshwal means to them and how they would like to mark our 50th Anniversary Year.

To this end, if you are any Oshwal Member and have any ideas and suggestions, please fill in the simple form below and let us know how you would like to mark our 50th Anniversary Year. Alternative, please get in touch with your local Area Committee member to share your ideas about the 50th Anniversary Year celebrations.

Despite the late finish, there was a good positive environment and through debate and discussion about many important aspects of the work which goes on in the background to ensure the smooth running of our Association, and we hope that this blog will increase transparency and encourage new Oshwal Members to get involved in community and sewa work.

If you are an Oshwal Member please share your ideas as to how you would like to see our Association celebrate our 50th Anniversary Year in 2018.

If you are not an Oshwal Member, and would like to become one, please complete the membership form, click here.

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