Sheena-Tanna Shah

An inspiring story by Sheena Tanna-Shah


How I overcame my anxiety of my earlier years of my life

My name is Sheena, I am an Optometrist but also run two other businesses, Inspiring Success and Pure and Raw Goodies where I make plant-based, refined sugar-free and gluten-freeĀ treats, I am also Author to Perfectly Imperfect Mum and most importantly I am a wife and Mum of two.

I struggled with anxiety for a great part of my life and for some of it I did not even realise that is what it was, I simply thought I was different, quiet, shy, did not fit in, etc and coming from an Indian culture it was not something we ever spoke about.

During childhood up until a few years ago, my anxiety really took over my life. I never thought I was enough, and constantly compared myself to everyone around me who appeared confident, sociable, and happy. I found it hard to do the simplest of things like fill my petrol, catch a bus or walk across a shopping centre. I struggled the most in social gatherings and felt fearful of everyone’s judgment, always questioning if I was saying or doing the right thing.

I tried various therapies and support and along the journey even trained to become a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

It was only when I had children that I knew things really had to change, I was stressed, overwhelmed and anxious at being a mum, always feeling guilty that I was not a great or good enough mum. I was at a crossroads here, I either let my anxiety consume me or start to transform my mindset.

I looked for various support, found the power of mindfulness and meditation, looked at my nutrition and exercise, read books, and did the inner work daily and over time my mind and life began to transform. I stopped worrying about the external world, people, judgments, and pressures and started focusing on my inner world.

I qualified as a Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner, and Mindfulness and Meditation Practitioner. My business grew with 1:1 clients, I worked in businesses and taught well-being in primary schools. I understood and could resonate with all my clients and I had a passion and purpose to show them a way to transform their lives.

I embraced and loved motherhood, I no longer was exhausted and crying every day but instead thriving at the daily challenges and joys. I wanted to support other mums in their wellbeing journey and published my book last year during the pandemic which includes mindfulness and motivation tips, plant-based recipes and yoga pose to suit all. The book has featured in the Metro, Sun, Hello Magazine, Om Yoga Magazine and is available in all outlets.

To continue to share my message I have recently launched my podcast too called Perfectly Imperfect You.

I hope to continue to serve and support as many people as possible ?

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